12 Reasons To Follow Your Dreams And Make It Happen!

By- Shreya Sharma

Why do we need the motivation to follow our own dream? Why do people have to force us to attain what we want? This is probably because of the fear of failing. Imagine what you would do if you know you will succeed certainly and things will go exactly the way you want. Yes, this dream only, you got to follow it. Here are 12 reasons to follow your dreams and make it happen.

  1. What else will you do?

Ask yourself “if you do not follow your passion, what else are you going to do?” When you have a dream, it is hard to work on some other path.


  1. The world needs you

The world needs people who can dream and follow their dreams. The world needs people who at whatever age, whatever life situation, decided to take the risk and follow their dreams. And this is one great reason to follow your dreams.

  1. You do not want to be one bitter old woman

Ask yourself, 50 years down the line, will you be thankful that you played safe or will you be angry for not taking the risk? You know what you got to do now.

  1. You never know

The most motivating reason to follow your dream is that you do not know what could happen. When we work towards what we really want, we build up a powerful momentum and then anything can happen.


  1. Say no to what ifs

You do not want to grow up wondering what if you had listened to yourself and trusted that you can achieve your dreams.

  1. Add interest

Talk to the people who are following their dreams and you will realize they live their life on a different energy level. They are always enthusiastic. Talk to the people who had a dream but could not take the risk to follow it, you will not feel them be enthusiastic in the same manner. Now, you decide how you want to be.

  1. The universe works in your favor

“Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho … to puri kainaat usse tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai”. We all have heard of ‘lucky breaks’ and ‘perfect timing’ situations. Put your efforts in the right direction and your efforts will pay off.


  1. We attract right people

If we are working on our passion, we are more likely to meet right people in our life. You might even meet your soul mate while working on your passion. When we are ready to follow our dreams, we are ready to meet the people who would help us.

  1. You can spread love

We all say ‘had I been in his place, I would help others’, but often when we help ourselves, we are able to do best for others. So, follow your dreams because directly or indirectly, they will be benefitting others.

  1. Be an example for people

We all want to inspire our kids and instill them with confidence and strength. Instead of telling your kids the reason to follow their dreams, be an example for them.


  1. Are you happy?

It is easy to talk about future and think how it will be if we do or do not follow our dreams. But ask yourself right now, are you happy? Do you wake up with enthusiasm and energy because you know that things are all in place?

  1. Work on your talent

We all have something in us that we are good at. Work on your talent because you have that for a reason.


Source –  Tumblr

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