7 Things You Can Do If He Loves You More Than You Do!

By- Shreya Sharma

When a guy loves you more than you love him, it is difficult situation to deal with because at times your intensities do not match and at times there act might blow you off. Sometimes the guys come off to strong with their feelings that it scares you away. It is hard for you to keep the dating slow and keep things in control. You got to do little things, so that your feelings develop at your own pace, without being pissed off by him. Here are 7 things you can do if he loves you more than you do.

  1. Assure your man about your feelings

Show him affection, share your feelings with him and make him feel good about himself. Assure him that you like him.


  1. Be honest about your relationship

You need not lie to him to boost his ego. Tell him if you are not sure about your feelings but like to know about him and being with him. Be honest about where you stand in the relationship even if it hurts his feelings. He will be more hurt if you lie about your feelings.

  1. Enjoy dating

Enjoy dating as it is a fun and adventurous experience. Be emotionally connected and feel the butterflies, first kiss and PDA moments. Feel every moment even if you fall slowly for him.

  1. Slow your sexual act

When a guy is genuinely interested in you, then being sexually involved will only make his feelings grow stronger. Have an honest conversation and tell this guy that you want to take things slow sexually. This will give you a chance to know your feelings.


  1. It is okay if you are not on the same page

When you like each other enough, you accept what the other person desires. Do not let him pressurize you for the things you do not want. If you enjoy being single then be that girl. If he likes you enough, he will wait for you until you are ready to be in an exclusive relationship.

  1. Do not lead him

Do not play with his emotions. You do not have to hurt him or his ego. Be honest and open about your feelings.

  1. Tell him if he scares you

If this guy’s behavior has turned into too much that it scares you, then it is better to tell him. He may be offended but it is better for him to pull back rather than scaring you away. Just tell him that you are not on the same page, so he needs to chill. Do not be mean.


Source –  Tumblr

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