Work those Abs in 10 mins : Abdominal Workout for Women!

In this face paced world, we need to look good; but who has time for workout. Our working hours, family and things, we need to manage everything and we are left with no time for ourselves. Our body requires rest and exercise to have a perfect body and balanced health.

Abdominal workout not only makes your belly look good but has some more benefits to our body.

  1. A stronger abdominal area supports your spine hence you will be able to lift heavier weights.
  2. You are less likely to suffer from lower back pain and chronic back injuries
  3. For pregnant women having stronger abs will make your labour easier and post-pregnancy recovery much quicker.
  4. Less fat around the waist decreases the risk of developing heart disease, high blood pressure, high blood LDL cholesterol and diabetes.
  5. If you are slimmer or have flat stomach area, then this will increase your self-image.

Keeping in mind your strict work schedule, here is a video that have some easy, basic abdominal workouts, to make you stay fit.

Source – Youtube/fitnessblender

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