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13 Things You Should Know Before You Start Taking Birth Control Pills!

By- Shreya Sharma

Women take birth control pills for many reasons. Some do it not to get pregnant, some do it to regulate their irregular menstrual cycle and some use it for hormonal balance. If you have sex without protection, there are 100% chances of getting pregnant. There is a lot a woman has to decide before starting birth control pills. It is important that you consult your gynecologist before starting on any such pill. Here are 13 things you should know before you start taking birth control pills.

  1. There is variety of birth control pills

There are pills that are the combination of estrogen and progestin. In some women, estrogen can cause nausea, weight gain, and other side effects. Patients who deal with such symptoms are prescribed progestin. Your gynecologist can suggest you the best.


  1. Say no to emergency contraceptives

Emergency contraceptive can give you relief initially but troubles your body later. It alters your menstrual cycle for months which is why one should not take them regularly. It can cause heavier period and cramps. Take regular birth control pills to avoid emergency contraceptive.

  1. Use condoms

The pills do not protect you from STDs. Only a condom can act as a barrier between bodily fluids, so you better use it.

  1. You will not put on weight

Earlier birth control pills had the higher amount of estrogen level that could lead to increase in weight. But now, pills have the low amount of estrogen. Still, there are some women who gain weight when they start pills, but this effect disappears in 2 to 3 months. If you have put the uncomfortable amount of weight, then consult your doctor.


  1. Your period will be on date

These pills control ovulation, so they have a hold on your menstrual cycle too. Track your cycle from the day you start your pill and you will never have a surprise visit of periods. It will be easy to plan your life.

  1. You have to take it same time every day

Make it a part of your regular routine, so that you do not end up skipping it. If you miss it, your chances to get pregnant will increase.  You can take two pills the next day if you skip one. If you skip two pills, you can take two pills on the day you remember and two pills the next day. If you skip more than two pills, consult your doctor.

  1. Your skin may get clear

Birth control pills control the movement of hormones that can hamper your skin. Oral contraception can help you cure acne. You can end up having clear skin.


  1. Medicines can kill the effect of pill

Some anti-fungal, antibiotic and herbal medicines can kill the effect of these pills. Before you start with the pills, consult your gynecologist about the medications that you should avoid.

  1. It can affect your sex drive

These pills can make you feel less inclined towards sex. While there can be women who can face the increase in their sex drives. Talk with your partner about this side effect so that they can be prepared.

  1. It might not suit you

Your gynecologist will prescribe that they think is the best for you, but you still need to watch for the side effects. Its side effects include depression, anxiety, swollen legs, mood swings, severe migraine and fatigue.


  1. You can get pregnant as soon as you stop

You need to be really sure before you stop.

  1. For long-term, consider other options

If you are certain about not having a child, consider the permanent options like sterilization or IUD. These are more effective than pills.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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