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8 *Sex* Tips EVERY Girl Out There Should Know Of!

By- Shreya Sharma

There are many of us who are not satisfied with their sex life. We should not endure our bad sex life and the blame for this bad sex cannot only be put down on man. Some of them are just as clueless about female body as we are. For all those who feel that sex is one messy experience, here are sex tips you should know to improve your sex life.

  1. Practice pleasuring yourself

Masturbate and know what pleases you. If you yourself do not know how to please yourself, how can you expect from a man to please you? Explore your body and find out where you will like to be touched and how.


  1. Learn to say ‘no’, ‘stop’ and ‘slow down’

Sex should be enjoyed by both of you. If you do not like what he is doing, ask him to stop. You need to speak up to improve your sex life.

  1. Pee right after sex

Once you are done with your hot session head towards loo. This way you can prevent UTIs. And then you can cuddle your partner.

  1. The first time with someone new is hardly the best

You are just getting to know each other’s body and thus you are less likely to know about one another and what works for your partner. Even though it can be one bad experience but you can learn from it and try again.  


  1. Encourage him

Learn to be a little more assertive because saying ‘no’ every time will discourage him. Moan softly and whisper the words of encouragement. Guide him where he should place his hand or mouth. Guide his hand where you want to be touched.

  1. Do not be afraid to ask

Do not straight out while in action ask him to do what you want or ask for your fantasy. Mention your fantasy in the conversation before heading to the bedroom. Ask him questions that will be enough for him to catch the hint.


  1. Lingerie, music, and lights can turn into a mind blowing experience

Wear the lingerie that adds confidence in you, dim the lights or lite some candles to create a sensual ambiance. Trust your guy if he says he want to see you in full lights. You guy will always find you perfect. Play some light romantic music.

  1. Do not think about your orgasm

The more you think about it, the less likely it will happen. Thinking of why it’s not yet happening or why it’s taking so long might just stress you out and lead you further away from your release. Feel everything and guide him if things are not working.  


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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