9 Ways Reading Erotica Improves Your Love And Life!

By- Shreya Sharma

The fifty shades series have made everyone talk about BDSM, kinky sex and erotica. Earlier talking about sex or reading erotic novels was a hush-hush issue and people use to keep them as secret. Now people do not mind talking about the kind of sex they want and taking about the erotica they are reading. Erotica is not just about reading, the stories are appealing, turn you on and stimulates your mind. Here are 9 ways erotica improves your life.

  1. You are turned on

It is hot, makes you think about sex, passion and wants someone so bad that you just wish to rip their clothes off. When you are aroused, it boosts your libido for the long term. It increases your sex drive and makes you want more and more.


  1. A vacation to your brain

When you read a good erotica story, you are easy to get lost in the details. They often have steamy dialogues, vivid descriptions, and raunchy sex scenes. This makes you absorbed in the story leaving other stress and worries behind. Your mind wanders with the protagonist that really does not exist.

  1. Reduces pain

Orgasm helps you reduce the pain related to a migraine and arthritis. It is due to the blend of oxytocin and endorphins released during orgasm. These natural painkillers do not reduce sensitivity and feelings so that you get the most pleasure from stimulation.

  1. You can have orgasm

If erotica is turning you on, chances are you will end up having a few orgasms. And orgasm brings you benefits and feels fantastic. They lower your blood pressure and increase oxytocin hormone and gives you ‘in love’ feeling.


  1. Relieves stress

Oxytocin enhances bonding and helps you relax. It stimulates the feeling of warmth and relaxation. It also leads to a decrease in activity in the amygdala, the part of the brain where fear and anxiety spawn.

  1. Makes you creative

Erotic stories are fiction and can help you add more creativity in the bedroom. You will get some strange new ideas that you never considered before. These erotica helps you open your mind and bedroom to new adventures.

  1. You sleep better

Orgasm helps you fall asleep better at night. The feel good chemicals released during orgasm create a sedative effect which prepares you for a long night’s rest.


  1. You become vocal

Maybe you have been quiet in your between the sheets act. Reading erotica helps you overcome your shyness and you will know what to say in between the sheets. You will learn to whisper sweet nothings in your man’s ear.

  1. Work on fantasies

We all have those secret sex fantasies and erotica gives you a way to safely explore them. When you read fantasies in a story, you get to experience all the fun without the hassle and it becomes a win-win situation.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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