15 Things MEN Just Can’t Seem To Understand About Girls!

By- Shreya Sharma

Expectations are a part and parcel of our life and relationship. Though we are taught to lower down our expectations, but we are just human and cannot stop ourselves from expecting things which most of the times disturbs our relationship. But some men never get things right, how hard they try to understand, they just cannot. They will never understand how we feel under certain situation or how we want our man to be chivalrous. The more we are in touch with our emotions, the more man are emotionally disabled making it a world of differences to understand. Here are 15 things men just cannot seem to understand.

  1. “We are fine”

At least by now, the man should have understood that the word ‘fine’ does not mean ‘not fine’. This is like a complicated universal fact which is really hard for a man to understand because probably they do not listen to us carefully.


  1. “We need space”

When we say ‘we need space’ that means we want them to fight for us. The more time they give to us, the more we analyze and the longer it takes for us to get over the problem. We want our man to show up at our door and fight for us rather than leaving us alone.

  1. “No, we do not over think”

Men think that we overreact or over think, but the truth is that we analyze things. We absorb every single detail and break down at every single word. Our ‘over thinking’ is our institution which is generally right.

  1. “We know the truth”

When we ask our man something, most of the times we know the truth and want our man to speak the truth. We want our man to come clean and tell us the truth. We do not want them to tell us big fat lies because it will only make the situation worse.


  1. “We have fantasies”

We are romantic and we too have fantasies in our head that we want to come true. We all want romance and the way men have their fantasies, we too have fantasies. We want to feel loved and special.

  1. “Tell us what they feel”

Men have the hard time to explain about their feelings. The way men cannot read our mind, the same way we cannot read their mind and want them to say what they feel rather than holding on their emotions with themselves. Sharing what we feel is the best way to resolve most of the problems.

  1. “Remember important dates”

Remembering dates is sure a difficult task, but if we can do this, then why cannot men? Why is this so hard for them to remember the time we started dating or for how long we have been together? We are superior at remembering dates but that does not mean that man have different feelings for us or these dates are not important for them.


  1. “Act like a gentleman”

We want our man to take us on the date, come to the door to pick us, open the door for us. We want to be treated like the princess and we are not asking for more if we want our man to be a gentleman.

  1. “Buy us gifts”

Men mostly does not buy us the right gifts, either the size is wrong or the gift is meant for them only. We want our man to show us about how much they love and appreciate us. We want our man to buy us sweet, simple right gifts.

  1. “Drink? Yes sure”

You can buy us drink and we are flattered for those free drinks, but that does not ensure you anything or that does not mean that we are ready to be laid. This does not mean that we want to give you our number or go to your place. Please do not throw tantrums.


  1. “Respond to our texts”

We know man hate texting and either, they text too slow or do not say anything at all. It means that they are busy and do not want to text a paragraph. We do not want our man to send us ‘K’ as the reply because it feels like they do not care enough to get with our message and emotions.

  1. “Asking about our outfit”

Men will never understand about our clothing. They will never understand the print on the print game, how it is important to match the heels with the dress and how it is important for us to match everything. They will never understand our fashion and will never pay enough attention to our clothing.

  1. “A hair tie on wrist”

Men will never understand this, but there are certain times when we just need to tie up our hair. Plus it works as a bracelet as well which can even match our outfit. They will never understand the pain of wearing a hair tie on the wrist as it cut us off the circulation.


  1. “Rejection is really hard”

For the man, it is easy to reject a woman and move on to some other girl like we never existed in their life. But man will never understand how hard it is for a woman to reject a man. It is hard for us to move o or disappear smoothly. It is never easy for us to reject a guy and try their hard to find the reason or change our perception.

  1. “Makeup game”

Men don’t quite understand why women wear makeup. Women often do not wear makeup for men. Women like to wear makeup to make themselves feel confident and sexy– some wear just a little bit whereas some are all into contouring, it isn’t a bad thing– just some women prefer more. And women can explain it to men over and over and they still won’t get it.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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