6 Things In Relationship Sucks When You Try To Be Logical!

Being a logical person is at times quite tricky. You ask and search for logics everywhere and everything. You feel everything has a logic and reason behind it and that should know, but this nature of yours become a trouble into your paradise. We present you things that sucks in a relationship when you try to be logical person.

  1. Too much of questioning

You ask questions for everything. To every statement made by your partner comes a How? Why? When? Where? From you. And till the time you do not find an answer to it, you are not satisfied.

  1. To show you are always right

You use logics to prove your point in a fight. Every single fight leads to reasoning and logics. Logics help you show that you cannot be wrong and you have an upper hand in the fight.

  1. Asking reasons for “I Love You”

You need a reason for “I Love You” as well. For every time your partner says those three magical words to you, you want a logic and reason behind that, you instead of saying those words back to him, say “Why?”, “Why do you love me?”.

  1. Asking reasons to trust your partner

You ask your partner reasons to trust him. You ask him “Give me reasons to trust you.” or you say “Can I trust you?”

  1. When you take jokes personally

He may be having that happy-go-lucky mood at that point of time and wants to tease you a bit, but his jokes are offensive to you. You take everything he says personally. You get too much into that joke because of this logical nature of yours.

  1. Tricky texting games

To his every text you take good 5 minutes to reply, you think of all the possible meanings of his statement and then think of all possible replies you could make. You even think on his part that how he will interpret your message, thus your texting games are too tricky.

  1. Messy mixed signals

Your replies are mixed and dicey, you do not want to give straight out signals to your partner regarding anything, and you prefer giving messy mixed signals, which at times are quite enticing and at times quite irritating.

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