10 Ways To Chill Out If You Don’t Have Time For Vacation!

By- Anuja Pandey

With an urge to earn more, it’s really difficult to get some time out of our hectic life and go somewhere exotic and live a life without any sort of tension. Life is more about earning first and relaxing later, but with this, we somehow happen to stress ourselves mentally.

If this somehow relates to your life, then this is written for you and these few points should help you relax in this hectic and fast running life.

  1. Prepare a meal for yourself listening to music.


  1. Have a calm candle light dinner with someone special with a wine.
  1. Or Better cook a meal while sipping red wine.
  1. Go for a calm walk.


  1. Read your favorite novel having your favorite coffee, Aha!! the combination gets me water in my mouth already.
  1. Watch your favourite movie. For me, it’s “Andaz Apna Apna”. Find yours soon.
  1. Art lovers, make a visit to a museum nearby which is actually on your visit list from quite a long time.


  1. Book yourself a spa, pamper yourself, a bubble bath is a great option.
  1. Catch a movie at a nearby theater.
  1. Girls, go on a date with your girlfriends.


  1. Spend some lazy time at home doing nothing.

Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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