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10 Signs You *Love* Him Way Too Much!

By- Shreya Sharma

He is your cutie pie, boo, bae, baby, prince charming and everything. He is the center of your universe. You think of him all day long, sending texts to him, showering your love and affection. You love him too much that eventually, you get hurt because you become selfless and blind in love. The problem is not that you love him too much but it is that you do not love yourself enough. Here are the 10 signs that show you love him too much.

  1. You forgive him even when he cheats

If you forgive your man even when he cheated on you because you believe love is bigger than anything, this will surely make you a bigger person but this is like giving him another chance to take you for granted. Do not let him take advantage of your love.


  1. He gets away with unacceptable behavior

If your partner is abusive and you think it is his love that he cannot control his emotions, you are mistaken. Love is not abusing in any form. It shows that he does not respect you. And not just, you too does not respect yourself enough as you are accepting his abusive behavior.

  1. You love the way he stinks

It is normal to love your partner’s body odor. It shows you two are genetically compatible. If you do not enjoy his smell, it means you do not love him that much as you used too. It also indicates that something has gone wrong physically and you need to pay attention.

  1. He uses your money

If you are his 24*7 ATM machine, you better consider your love for him before you go broke. You give your money, heart, and soul and do not get anything in return then he is just using you. If he supports you the way you does, then it is something to invest your time in.


  1. You are always giving but never receiving

Relationships are two ways, if it is just you who is putting in efforts, surprising him, giving him things and there is no effort from his side, you need to reconsider it. We are givers by nature but that should not be the reason for you to ignoring his negligence.

  1. You let him break your heart

This only means that you do not love yourself enough. Breakups, heartbreaks are common. But allowing him to break your heart more than once and you let him stay in your life because you think you cannot live without him, you need to think about it. If he knows his actions will not make you happy and still does that, you better walk away and learn to love yourself.

  1. You make excuses for him

If you have to make excuses for him whether it is to be with your family or his, or for his work or with friends, then you should consider your decision of staying with him. You are not there to be his nanny and save guard him against his escapades.


  1. He plays with your heart

You are comfortable with his game of playing with your heart because you think it makes you strong, but the truth is no one should play with your heart, feelings, and emotions. If he manipulates you to get what he wants, go away from him.

  1. You let him do all the stuff to you

You allow him to do whatever he wishes to do because you think it is love and you love him too much but this could be just one lucky day for him. You can get intimate when you are ready both physically and mentally. But do not offer him your body for the sale of love.

  1. You do not make him accountable

We enable people in very negative ways by making excuses for violent, destructive, and unacceptable behavior; each time we say it’s okay, we forgive, and pray on a falling star that the person doesn’t repeat those behaviors. When someone does wrong there are consequences. Punishment is not the opposite of love, it shows that you love, actually.


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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