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Will He Be Good In Bed? 10 Signs Screams ’YES’!

By- Shreya Sharma

Yes, this is one important question as who would like to have a bed sex life!! We wish to have the movies like hot, passionate, steamy sex and foreplay sessions and we cannot afford to get our dream being shattered. We need someone in our life who enjoys sex as much as we do and is concerned about our sexual pleasure as well. Here are the signs that the guy you are dating or your fiancé or your crush will be hot in bed.

  1. He knows how to touch you in general

If he is able to touch your hand in a manner that you have some butterflies in your stomach, or you just have some weird sensation which actually makes you feel amazing or his massage makes you drool, he surely knows how to handle your body.


  1. He is interested in how your day was

If he is asking lots of questions like how was your day at the office, what you care about etc. he is trying to find out what makes you happy. And this shows that he will probably be interested in finding out what works for you in bed.

  1. He makes you feel gorgeous

If he is there, giving you compliments about how gorgeous you are or how hot you are, this will boost your confidence and you will never be self-conscious in bed with him which means great sex.


  1. He makes intense eye contact with you

The eyes say it all. Your eye contact says a lot about your sex life. If you make eye contact with a guy and that is seriously intense that makes you nervous, this is going to be the best sex.

  1. He is super ambitious

If the guy you are dating or planning to date is super lazy, he will be the same in bed. But if the guy is hard working and super ambitious, you are going to have one hot time in bed.


  1. He is confident

If someone is not confident that does not mean he will be bad in bed but that does not also mean he will be amazing. If a guy is confident, they will have a sense of confidence in him and he will be ready to do all the quirks and kinks in bed.

  1. You feel comfortable around him

If a guy accepts you and respects you, you feel comfortable around them and can communicate easily and he will be taking notes of everything you say and will act on them.


  1. When you ask him to stop doing something, he stops

If he is doing something that annoys you and you ask him to stop and he does stop immediately and apologizes, he will probably do the same thing in bed.

  1. The way he uses his hand is great

Even if it’s just a matter of watching the way he uses his hands when he speaks, you know when someone knows what they’re doing.

  1. He is not judgmental

He is not judgmental of your actions and activities, he probably won’t be judgmental of any kinks you have either.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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