15 Obvious Signs He Is Attracted To You… Sexually!

By- Shreya Sharma

When it comes to showing a woman that she is hot, guys are not at all reserved. They may think that they are great at hiding their sexual attraction but their expressions and gestures usually tell the tale. Knowing the signs of a guy who is sexually attracted towards us will help us to know if a guy likes us for who we are or is just sexually attracted. You will know who will never reject you. Here are 15 obvious signs he is attracted to you sexually.

  1. His eyes are wandering over you

When a guy is sexually attracted to you, he will not be able to control his wandering eyes and it will be easy for you to check what they are looking at. If his eye goes up and down over you, it means he is sexually attracted towards you.


  1. Parting of lips

When we are sexually attracted towards someone, we part our lips in a manner as if our mouth is ready for something to come in. If you find him in a jaw-dropping pose, he is sexually attracted towards you.

  1. Sitting with legs wide open

He may not realize his gesture, but it shows that he is definitely thinking about sex in the back of his mind. This is like he is showing off what he can offer.

  1. He stays close to you

When we find someone attractive, we move closer to them. When our mind thinks that our body is physically compatible with someone, we move closer to them so that we can inhale their pheromones which help our body decide whether they will be good to us or not. So, if a guy moves close, this is because he finds you hot.


  1. You feel it

Sexual attraction is a spark. It’ll ignite between the two of you and you’ll just be able to feel how much he’s into you. But even if you’re not into him, you’ll still be able to feel a sort of tension build between you two when a man is attracted to you sexually.

  1. Deep conversations

When a guy likes a woman, he tries to sound manlier. He will lower his voice and will have deeper conversations with you. So, if you notice a guy lowering his voice while talking with you, he is into you.

  1. Eye contact

When someone finds you sexually attractive, they want to connect with you. And one way to connect is with eye contact; these ways you show your interest in the other person. So, any man who finds you sexually attractive will look into your eyes.


  1. Fixing up

When we find someone attractive, we automatically fix our hair or adjust our clothes so that we look better for them. If a guy does this when you are around, he is into you.

  1. He seems restless

When a man is sexually attracted towards you, he will try to behave in a certain way to gain your attention which makes him nervous. They feel pressured and nervous. If a guy cannot sit still around you, then he is into you.

  1. Flush face

When we get turned on, our heart beat increases and blood pressure goes up which makes our face go red. If he blushes when you come around, he is sexually attracted towards you.


  1. He smiles a lot

When guys find someone attractive, they cannot help but smile at her. It is to draw her attention towards him. If he is just smiling at you, he is definitely into you.

  1. He looks at inappropriate places

When a guy is sexually attracted towards you, he fantasizes about your boobs, butts, and lips. If you find a man starting at those places for a longer period of time, then he is sexually attracted towards you.

  1. He is being touchy

Touching someone is a sign that you are sexually attracted towards them. If he finds an excuse to touch you, he finds you appealing and wants you.


  1. He faces you all the time

When we are attracted towards someone, we turn our entire body to face them. This shows he is interested in you and also helps him to get a better view of you as a whole.

  1. Flirting

This is one obvious sign that a man is attracted towards you. If a man is interacting with you in a fun and flirty manner, then he thinks you are desirable.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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