10 Amazing Tips On How To Flirt With Your Guy Friends!

By- Shreya Sharma

Flirting with a guy friend who is your crush is really hard because it is tough to cross the border of friendship that you have formed. It is difficult to express a guy that you like him when you talk and hang around every day. You sure do not want to scare the hell out of this guy because you may end up losing them. Even if you do not have any idea on how to try, you should still try to flirt with him. Here are 10 amazing tips on how to flirt with your guy friends.

  1. Joking flirt

When you are good friends you have a jokey rapport which you can easily turn into jokey flirty. Have fun flirting instead of going for a serious flirting.  Make fun of each other, joke around, laugh and make bold comments jokingly.


  1. Shower your attention on him when you are in a group

If you guys have a big group of friends, shower a little bit of more attention on him. Do not glue to him entire time as it can be suffocating. Start a conversation and try to engage him in some private kind of convo. And also move around and have words with other people. If you are across the room, catch his eyes and smile.

  1. Send and like selfies

Take social media to flirt with him a cute snapchat selfie. Send him an innocent picture of you making funny face or photo of something you both have the interest in. like his pictures on Instagram or Facebook and leave a comment with cute emoticons. It will soon catch his attention.  

  1. Compliments

Just make casual compliments hinting something more. Do not just straight up go to him and compliment him. Start off with small things like “You are so funny” and then grow your compliment games if you get positive vibes. Just go by what comes naturally.


  1. Ask him questions

Asking questions is a great way to show that you are interested. Inquire about his life and ask questions relevant to the conversation that you are having. Show him attention, listen to him and respond back. He will appreciate it.

  1. Body language

Your body language plays an important role in flirting. Be more open. Make eye contact while talking with him. Face him without crossing your arms. Smile a little more. This is all that will say that you like him.

  1. Touch him

Touching is an easy way to show the other person that you are flirting without being weird. It brings electric connection to your relationship. Start off slowly by brushing your hand against his arm, leaning a bit while talking or touching his shoulder. And if things feel alright then move to slightly intimate moves like hugging.


  1. Do not talk about crushes in front of him

When you are the good friend, you usually talk about the guys you find cute or the people you have the crush on. But now you need to stop it. Telling him about the other guys who like you is not going to make him jealous but he will think that he is sure in friend zone only.

  1. Change the way you act around him

Try to change SOMETHING when you hang out with him. Put on an outfit and wear makeup that makes you feel confident and awesome. Be flirtier instead of just passive. Touch him more instead of avoiding him. Small changes might make him think, “Hmm, something’s different here…” and that’s when you flirt!

  1. Be bold on text

If you cannot flirt in person, do it through texts and social media. You have time to craft your message, so you can make some bold statements and if the response is not what you expected, you have your time to deal with the pain.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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