11 Signs He Really Likes You But Is Too Afraid To Admit It!

By- Shreya Sharma

Guys do not really talk about their emotions which make it hard to understand if a guy likes us or not. It is annoying when they throw mixed signals or just do not reveal what they feel about us. There is no technology to tell you if a guy likes you, but there are certain signs that can tell you that a guy likes you but is scared to admit it. Here are 11 signs that show he really likes you a bit is too afraid to admit it.

  1. He blushes when you are around

When a man likes you, there are chances that he will blush around you. It could be because he is nervous around you or because he feels that you can tell if he likes you. If his cheeks go red when he is around you, he is into you.


  1. He smiles a lot

If he smiles a lot while talking with you in comparison to other people, then he is into you. The mere sight of you makes him super happy, but he might not tell you because he thinks you might not like him back.

  1. He is sweating

No, it is not because of summers, it is because he is talking with you. If you see a layer of sweat on his forehead while talking to you, this is a sign that he is attracted towards you.

  1. He is nervous

If he is twiddling his thumb, tapping his legs and his eyes are wandering everywhere except looking in your eyes, it means he is nervous around you. If he is nervous around you, do not make him more nervous by calling his actions.


  1. He buys you drink or food

When a person is interested in you, only then they ask you about buying you food or drinks. Nobody likes to spend their hard-earned money on just anybody. If he buys you drinks and acts as a gentleman, then he is into you.

  1. He opens the door for you

Opening the door for woman shows that the guy is chivalrous. If he opens the door for you, it shows that he is the gentleman and you are special for him. These gentleman acts show that he likes you.

  1. He laughs at your jokes

We all have corny lame jokes that no one laughs at. But if he laughs at your lamest of jokes, then he is into you.


  1. He makes jokes about liking you

This is his way to express his feelings that can be laughed off if things do not go well. He might not be ready to express his feelings to you and that is why he jokes about it.

  1. He picks up the bills

If a guy is spending money on you, it is clear that he is interested in you. Some guys are really generous, but if a guy constantly picks up the bill on his own, then he is really into you.

  1. He always listens when you talk about your problems

Despite what you may think, guys don’t always enjoy listening to girls discuss their latest falling out with their friends or similar problems. But a guy who likes you will hang on to your every word, and he might even give a little bit of feedback. It takes a certain kind of patience to do that for a girl, and he may only do that for someone he genuinely likes.

  1. He gives you compliments

If he is pointing out that he likes your bag, or hair or skirt, it could be because he is into you, but is too scared to tell you that he likes you for who you are. They gradually build up things and situation.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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