7 *Sweet* Ways To Make Your Man Feel Loved And Needed!

By- Shreya Sharma

Love in real life is nothing like the love shown in movies and TV shows. In real life, it is more about learning about that person, learning how their face glows when they are happy, how to get through conflict or how they like to be touched when they are sad, happy, stressed or turned on. Your man deserves to feel the love. Here are 7 sweet ways to make your man feel loved.

  1. Give him compliments

The way we love to get compliments, same way man too loves to hear compliments. They rarely get to hear compliments because guys do not pass compliments to each other, and we often do not care about giving compliments to our man. Compliment him on his looks, smell, intelligence or humor. Tell him how much you love to inhale his smell.


  1. Appreciate his efforts

Tell him you appreciate his efforts that he makes for you and your family. Tell him that you see his commitment. Recognize the pressure on your man and appreciate his efforts.

  1. Support him to have alone time

We all need some alone time reflect our life and recharge ourselves. When your man wants to do the things that make him happy on his own then support him to have his time. Give him a kiss and smile. He will feel heard and supported.

  1. Get hot in bedroom

Fantasize about him, about the time you have spent together, about your favorite part of his body. This will make you desire him more and the next time you are together alone, work on your desires and fantasies to make him feel like a sex god.


  1. Put down your phone

It is very rude to use your phone while interacting with someone. When you are with your man put down your phone so that you can focus on him completely. This will make him feel important and loved. Try not to disturb your ‘we time’ by using your phone.

  1. Buy things for him

If you are making a cup of coffee for yourself, make it for him too. If you are buying snacks, buy some for him too. It will tell him that you think about him.

  1. Look into his eyes

Take a moment to look eye-to-eye and share looks with one another. Look into his eyes, smile, give some playful expressions and hold the gaze for few seconds and this will sure make him feel special.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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