12 Things When Girls Do TURNS Guys ON!

By- Shreya Sharma

We all know about some oh-so-obvious ways to turn our man on; it could be flirty, sexting, wearing something super sexy to make their heart race or just a little naughty whisper in their ear or sometimes a little moan. Mostly guys can get turn on anytime and anywhere. But you got no clue that the simplest of your actions too have a great impact on guys. Here are the things that girls do which turns a guy on.

  1. Face framing hair

When your hair unintentionally fall out of your ponytail or any other hair do and frame a perfect shape of your hair. You might be totally clueless about this advancement but guys do notice this because they find it hot.

  1. That morning look

When you are in your sweat pants or sweat shirts or your pajamas and tight shirt and that messy hair and ponytail, any combination would work for them. This lazy look of yours seem hot to them.

  1. Resting bitch face

When you are dressed up in formals, be it your formal suit or one tight skirt with heels and have that resting bitch looks, guys find it powerful. It works as fire and guys find it super sexy.

  1. Peak-a-boo of bra strap

When your bra accidentally decides to have a better view of world is the moment what guys find hot. It could be from your tank top or it could be because of your off the shoulder top, when it peak out, it races guys heart. After all bras has everything to do with boobs.

  1. Jealous much?

When you are jealous a little bit because that other girl is trying to be close to your bae and you cling into him to mark your territory or showoff that he belongs to you, guys find it super sexy. They love the fact that you fear losing him or are not afraid to show the world about you being with him.

  1. Standing on toes to reach something

When the higher shelf is out of your reach and the only option you have is to stand on your toes and try to get things down, this is what turns a guy on.

  1. Purse strap in between boobs

All the times you plan to place your purse cross shoulder and the strap goes through your boobs or in-between your boobs. It is what turns a guy on. I guess again the boobs logic.

  1. Those curious eyes

When you look at a man with all curiosity in your eyes, it turns them on.

  1. Stretching

So when you are tired enough from work or anything and you stretch your arms out to relax, man finds it exciting.

  1. Showing your vulnerabilities

When you find solace in a guy and reveal your vulnerable self to them like crying on their shoulder, this brings them to their boiling point.

  1. Similar interest

When you both share similar interests or when he explains his interest to you and you find it interesting enough to try, they find it sexy. It works as a motivation to them.

  1. Holding a drink with both hands

When you hold your coffee mug or sipper with both hands to have a great grip or hold it this way and sip up with a straw, guys find it sexy.

Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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