10 Selfie Tips To Nail It Every Time Like A Pro!

By- Shreya Sharma

Selfie seems to be a lifetime trend. We all are an ardent follower of selfie trend but not all of us are that great in getting the perfect pose while working on a selfie. We envy those who manage to get the picture perfect look. We try all angles and directions and looks to ace it. We are here to help you to get perfect selfie. Here are selfie tips to nail that selfie every time.

  1. Find good light

This is one factor you need to take care as light plays an important role in getting a perfect selfie. We will get into more photography terms because that will be too deep. Use the natural light or faux light. If you are outdoor, prefer to have the sun in behind so that it illuminates your surroundings. You will not want harsh light on your face. And if you are indoor and want to get the selfie done, stand near window to have the right amount of natural light on your face.

  1. Edit it

If you do not find the perfect light, edit it a little bit. You can use various apps to edit your picture. Just look out what works for you and sometimes just a little adjustment of contrast and brightness can work for you.

  1. Crop it

If there is something behind you and you do not want it, crop the photo. You can crop the image right from the phone or using any photo editing app. You can set the cropping measurements so that it does not look cropped. But make sure you have some hair or wall looking by the side.

  1. Stand still

While you are clicking your selfie, it is better you stand still because wiggling your body or phone will distort the image. Hold the phone a little farther away so that you can manage to grip the phone without shaking it. If you start looking too stiff because of how still you’re standing, try putting your eyes down and bringing them back up for the shot to relax your stare a bit.

  1. Wear highlighter

Yes makeup plays an important role in getting done with the selfie. To step up the game, use highlighters. The highlighters brighten up the areas of your face, popping them outwards towards light. Highlighting your spots will give your picture angled look.

  1. Add curves and angles

Pop your hip, create an angle with your elbow, pull your shoulders back, cock your head, put your chin down, those sorts of things. If you are wearing some blowy dress, put your hand across your waist to break it up.

  1. Watch out for mirror selfie

In a mirror selfie, you will have to keep in mind the background. Sometimes we click some things in background while clicking a mirror selfie that we do not wish to show to others. If you have accidentally not paid heed to background and clicked one awesome picture with some weird background, cropping can help you.

  1. Prop your head if you are lying down

Be careful when it comes to lying down selfie because it can look total weird, use a pillow under your head which will bring up the top of your head and make your chin point down more.

  1. Take a billion photos

Take a plenty of photos so that you can have option. Use the burst option on your phone as it allows you to make subtle changes to your pose, angle and facial expressions.

  1. Do not try too hard

Your selfie should look like it happened great in just one go. The key is to not trying too hard or taking it too seriously. Unless you’re being goofy, extreme facial expressions like the duck face come off as pretty forced and obvious. You need to be confident rather than being shy while clicking selfie.

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