10 Things You Wish People Warned You About In 20s!

By- Shreya Sharma

Our 20s is the best time of our life, so many changes, so many parties, friends, love, and break up. But these are tough times as well because we make some major changes in our life. It is the time when we make decisions in our life and we are prone to mistakes. You have to start growing up and acting mature. Here are the things you wish people warned you about.

  1. You lose touch with friends

When it is time to leave school or college, we all make the plan to stay in touch, to be together always but the fact is, it is hard to stay in touch. Some move out of the city, some just appear to be invisible and even we get busy with the life happening around us. But you do get some real lifetime friends.


  1. You are still clueless about what you want

You feel that when you will get into job thing, you will be clear about what you want but that is not true. This is your time to build your career path and you do not wish to waste any time in things or actions which will not benefit your future. You have tons of options and you just wish to pick the wiser one.

  1. Getting a job is one hard thing

Looking for a job that you have the interest in and which offers you growth opportunities are hard to find. There are millions of who have the same qualification and competing for the same job post. It is not easy to get it.

  1. It’s time to make your own money

This is the age when you will understand what being broke actually means. Your parents might help you a little with funds but you need to earn more to buy those white sneakers and go out with friends.


  1. You will be broke

In your twenties, you have so many opportunities and freedom. Yet you cannot take advantage of that freedom. You might be earning for yourself but you will be spending that on stupid things too.  

  1. You envy young people

You wish that you were still a kid. When we are kids, we wish to grow up and when we actually grow up, we realize how better it is to be a kid. When you grow up, you bowed down by responsibilities.

  1. Social media is mocking us

Everywhere on Facebook, Instagram and other social networking sites, you see your childhood friends be earning well, buying the home, getting married, having kids and there you are sitting and look at these news feeds and letting the pressure build up on you.


  1. It is hard to find people to date

Because everyone is dating, your BFF has got a serious relationship and you too wish to have someone but you find it hard to get anyone. You try your best but it is hard to find someone of your kind to date.

  1. Shattered confidence

You are not wise, you are not grown-up, you do not have proper experience and you are not even that mature and you are bound to fail epic fails. You might mess up at work, you might mess up in the relationship, you might start a business that could be a failure, and it could be anything that makes you feel crap about yourself. You need to learn from your mistakes and grow.

  1. You have to make important decisions

In your twenties, you have to start making vital decisions that could affect your life. You have to decide about rent or down payment on the apartment? Should you take this job or not? Should you give your ex a second chance? These are the things you have to deal with. Or you can just go travelling for a bit while you’re still young enough to get away with it and leave the hard decisions for later. Many women also start to decide when they want to have kids, those in committed relationships will start to plan when to start having kids.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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