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16 Signs You Are Kinda Obsessed With Your Crush!

By- Shreya Sharma

Having a crush is one sweet feeling. You feel butterflies and a chaos about your feelings. You are confused if you like him or not. You are confused if he will revert back your feelings or not. It is a state of confusing and feeling awesome. But sometimes this feeling grows into obsession without you being aware of it. Here are 16 signs you are kinda obsessed with your crush.

1. When you go out with someone else, you think about how much better it would be if you were there with your crush.


2. Every time you hear someone mention their name, you drop other things to eavesdrop on that conversation.

3. You have at least once written your name as it will look if you are married to him. And then you destroyed all the evidence.

4. Everything they do, you find it attractive and interesting. This makes you like them even more.


5. You have saved a few of his pictures from his Facebook.

6. You see yourself and your crush in every couple in TV, movies or books. You relate your story with them.

7. Your friends roll their eyes when they hear you bring your crush again in the conversation.


8. Every song reminds you of them even if that song in not even a romantic one.

9. Now people do not ask you if you are seeing someone because they know your response will be only depressing and longing for your crush.

10. Your friends keep you away from any situation that involves alcohol because they are tired of your tearful monologs after you are drunk.


11. You cannot focus on anything, you work, friends or even your food.

12. You can do anything to ‘accidentally’ run into them. You can even opt for the longer route just to bump into them.

13. When you know you cannot date him, you plan for suicide.


14. When you know you might see him, you spend hours to get ready and might even buy a new dress.

15. People began their conversation with you by saying “No, I have not spoken to him since a long time”.

16. You have masturbated fantasizing him and said his name aloud during an act.


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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