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8 Secret Erogenous Zones To Drive Him Wild With Touch!

By- Shreya Sharma

Your sex moves and touching your man at some places can give your man maximum pleasure. You might think that you know your man completely yet there are a few areas of his body you might not know that can give him ultimate pleasure. Not only his manhood is the area that can turn him on, there are other erogenous areas as well that sensitive to touch, vibration and pressure. These areas have high nerve ending and contribute to sexual arousal and great sex. Here are 8 erogenous zones to drive him wild with touch.

  1. His finger

His hand and fingers are great spots to seduce him. Lightly graze his fingertips, and then tightly squeeze his palm. And you can even use your mouth. Suck on his finger, flick your tongue around it, and nibble. Make eye contact with him and it will let his imagination race.


  1. Back of his knees

This is the area you generally ignore, but you might have noticed that the skin over here is extremely smooth and sensitive than most of the parts of his body. The areas with little or no hair are super sensitive and easily build sexual tension. Gently touch the back of his knees, draw circles with your hands and kiss him there and see the miracle.

  1. His inner thighs

Touching his inner thighs can really get him into the mood. Move your fingers around this area, tickle gently, and then press your palm consistently against his skin to tease him and entice him. Trace the spot where his thighs meet his hips and move your finger up and down sensuously.

  1. His feet

You can start the foreplay by playing with his feet. We have a higher concentration of nerves on our feet. Massage his feet as it is sexy and relaxing. Lay him on the bed, pour some oil into your palms and do your work. Take his foot into your hands and start making gentle movements around his ankle. You can even brush his feet against your breast or mouth and he will explode.


  1. His underarm

It is not sexual area, but to give him sensual massage do not neglect this area. His underarms are extra sensitive that he cannot bear your fingers playing over there. Fondle tenderly to give your man unimaginable pleasure. Add some wet kisses, gently blow some air, and let your fingernails dance. Start with his underarm and go all the way down to his stomach.

  1. The F-spot

The frenulum is the spot just below the head where the glans and shaft meet on the underside of the penis. It contains lots of neural synapses and is often compared to the clitoris. Stimulate it in the right way to give your man an unforgettable sensation. Hold his manhood steady at the base, and let your tongue slide over this area. Give his F-spot a quick flick with the tip of your tongue. Do not stop even when he enthusiastically cum.

  1. The P-spot

The perineum is the patch of skin that’s blessed with unbelievable orgasmic potential. It lies between his anus and testicles, and it has nerve endings that run to his prostate. The cowgirl position is the best position because you can easily reach between his legs. While you’re riding him, press the area between his anus and testicles with the knuckle of your index finger being gentle. Massage up and down, left and right, and so forth. Once he’s near the finish line, press the perineum a little harder and watch him getting lost in the ultimate O.

  1. The G-spot

The male G-spot is the prostate, a small walnut-sized gland located a little inside his anus. Gently massage and it will give him a powerful orgasm.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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