19 Things Guys Want In Bed Than Just Dirty Talk!

By- Shreya Sharma

We all want to know what our man wants in bed. We know most of them will not tell us what they want, maybe out of fear that will offend us or may be because they think you will not entertain them. They are really bad at asking what they want and do not even share it with their partner. You wish to satisfy your man and do the things he loves in bed, but you just do not have any clue about it. Here are 19 things guys want in bed than just dirty talk.

  1. Being enthusiastic

Guys want to be with someone who is actually into sex and enjoys it instead of taking it like a favor and doing it just for the sake of it. An enthusiastic lover is always seductive. They want to get feedback about the things they do you in bed.


  1. Try new things

Man wants someone who is always ready to try new things in bed. They want you to be open to new ideas. The way we get bored eating same food, same is with sex. Man wants someone who is willing to explore new feelings and sensations.

  1. Praise and compliments

Men too get insecure and need reassurance about their appearance. Compliment your man in bed and he will love you even more. They love to know that they can turn their girl on. It could be anything g from his intelligence to sense of humor.

  1. Tell what you want

Man wants their woman to tell them and instruct them about how they want to be touched in bed, as it will help them succeed at pleasuring you. Man wants their woman to use sounds or words to guide them with what they are doing.

  1. Being confident

Man wants a woman who is confident about her body the way it is. They want her to be confident enough to let the lights be on so that her man can see her in full glory. It is a big turn on for the man to have a confident woman.


  1. Sex on mind

Being the woman who has sex on her mind knows how to make things sexy outside bed as well. Sexting and being naughty with him in public is a big turn on. Let your partner know that you are thinking about him in naughty ways throughout the day.

  1. Talking dirty

Man wants you to say what you want in bed or what should happen next in the action. They want to see, feel and hear you in the bed. It is a great way to turn on your man. The man is attracted towards those who do not have sexual inhibitions.

  1. Accept all of him

You may feel gross about the idea of swallowing his juices and semen, but to a man, it shows that you have accepted all of him. They love the visual of oral sex and when you accept his juices.

  1. Being playful with yourself

It is like a fantasy for most man to see their woman touching and pleasing herself in front of them. It shows her confidence. Put a steamy display of yourself in front of your man. This is a major turn on for man.

  1. Lace

Man are visual creatures and love to see the present they are about to get to be wrapped in a beautiful manner. A sneak peak of your body is a total turn on for a guy. Unwrapping you will boost your man’s ego as they will think you are a gift that belongs to only him.


  1. Massages

Man wants to feel good all over and thus love massage. Sexual massage can be very erotic. A touch from the one you love can be the greatest thing a person can have. Touching all over has the power to give some incredible sensations.

  1. Being wild

Man does not always want the sex to be sweet, loving and romantic. They want it to be rough, dirty and wild at times. He too wants to feel to be desired. They want someone to understand his dirty mind as well.

  1. To be spontaneous

Do not be the girl who needs everything right always. Sometimes spontaneity is something that can make your sex life more than awesome. Man wants to get surprises in bed.

  1. The urge to have sex

No one is always in the mood, but you can make the efforts. Show him that you want to please him as it will make him feel loved. He will be impressed when you have the urge to please him.

  1. To initiate

Man wants someone who does not mind imitating sex and things and also allows him to take the turn and be the leader. Man wants to be a caretaker. A man loves to be in charge, so you need not be the initiator always. But it is hot and sexy when a woman takes control and shows her moves. Man does not mind surrendering for a while.


  1. Home weekends

Make your bedroom your weekend destination with non-stop love showing except to order takeout. He will like it that he can just relax without worrying about traveling.

  1. Make your signature move

Make a signature move, be it a certain position or the way you finish him off. Name your signature to move after him. He will love this special treatment and know it is something that you share with him only.

  1. Orgasm

Do not fake it. If you feel good, express it. Guys feel pleased with the fact that he pleased you.

  1. Kinks and fantasies

Man wants someone who is willing to listen and work on fantasies. Tell him your fantasies as well. Make him think how you both will work in a certain fantasy situation that is sure to bring up his interest in getting your fantasy accomplished.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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