18 Thoughts Every Bride Has Before Her Shaadi!

By- Shreya Sharma

Marriage is an event of mixed emotions. From mother to sister to father to friend to bride, everyone is floating in the river of emotions that at times make them feel the happiest and at times make it hard for them to control their tears. You may think that bride just sits and enjoys all the attention, while in reality; there are millions of thoughts popping up in her head. Here are 18 thoughts every bride has before the Shaadi.

  1. “I am too nervous!”

You may try to calm yourself down, but you are happy, sad, anxious, delighted, all at the same time.


  1. “Oh, 2 more days left for the D-day”

Now since all the arrangements are done, relatives are coming into your place, you just cannot wait for the happiest day of your life.

  1. “I have to go shopping”

You are the bride to be, you will have to take care of your bridal look and complete your trousseau shopping.

  1. “How my first night will be”

You think about how things will go and you pray to god to take care of everything.


  1. “Finally, all the relatives, it will be so much fun”

You will get to meet all your relatives, and you will even be introduced to a few that you will meet for the first time. And you will get to meet your favorite cousins.

  1. “How to make my wedding a fairytale!”

You want everything to be perfect, from wedding attire to venue to caterers, everything. You want it to be a great memorable event.

  1. “Honeymoon dreams”

You are actually waiting for the honeymoon. You are waiting to wear your bikini tops, floral dresses or for the alone and romantic time with your partner.


  1. “What is up next?”

You worry that something wrong may happen. You fear the unknown. You want the things to go smooth.

  1. “How my in-laws would be?”

Moving into a new family and accepting their rules and norms can be difficult. You always think about the ways you can impress them.

  1. “Goosebumps”

This is the beginning of a new phase of your life and you will have to fulfill so many expectations. And you will be the center of attention.


  1. “How tiring it will be”

The stress about how you will make it safe through the wedding without fainting down or being dehydrated.

  1. “So many hugs and congratulations”

There are so many people to hug you and so many calls to congratulate you.

  1. “Constant butterflies in stomach”

You always have a strange feeling and thought if he will be the same person after marriage, will your bond get stronger, and will you love each other always.


  1. “Where is my mom/my sister/my friend?”

Because they know how to calm you down and make you happy.

  1. “Being the center of attraction”

People will be looking at your throughout the wedding. How you look, what you wear, how you smile etc. You will be no less than a celebrity.

  1. “You have doubts”

You have second thoughts which are normal as soon as you come back to your senses.


  1. “I will not be single anymore”

Who cares if you are single or not, when you get to spend your entire life with the person you love.

  1. “With your partner, you know it is worth it”

When you finally see your future partner at the wedding ground, all your anxiety flies away.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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