11 Ways To Rekindle *Spark* In Your Otherwise Dull Relationship!

By- Shreya Sharma

In the beginning of a relationship, everyone goes through a honeymoon phase where you try to make your partner happy and please them and think that there is no one as your partner and you just want to be with them. And when this phase ends, that is when you start to find things boring, you get annoyed with each other’s flaws and nothing excites you in the relationship. This is when you need to reignite the spark in your relationship so that it does not die. Here are 11 ways to rekindle the spark in your dull relationship.

  1. Know the cause

Sometimes, it could be because of the monotony of the relationship or it could be because of bigger and serious issue at hand. You need to figure out the cause and address it successfully. Have an open and honest communication with your partner to know what lead to this dullness in your relationship.


  1. Spend some time away

As they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder. Sometimes, when you spend all your time together, you fall into a routine and you start to take each other for granted. Spend some time apart; go on a vacation with your family or friends and this will give you both a chance to miss each other and have your individual stories to share once you are together.

  1. Try new things

When you are comfortable, you fall into the same routine and things get repetitive and boring. Try new things together that are out of your comfort zone as it will rekindle the spark in your relationship. Learn something new together and you both will grow closer.

  1. Join a class together

It can be a salsa class or cooking class or any other hobby class, it will help you get out of your boring routine. You will learn something together, bond as a couple and make new friends.


  1. Make new friends as a couple

Join a club where you get to spend time with other people or make new friends and this will give you high of meeting new people and having something new in your life. When you spend time with other couples, you will realize what you feel for each other and you will fall in love with each other again.

  1. Vacation

Your everyday routine can make things boring in your relationship. You are so stuck up in your life that you forget that your partner too needs your efforts and attention and time. Go on an exotic vacation with your partner as this way you will get out of your boring routine and will get time to spend with your partner.

  1. Bedroom fun

Wear sexy lingerie, try a new position, try the new place, and work on your kinks and experiment new things to spice up your relationship. Build anticipation and have an exciting and active sex life to have healthy relationship. Surprise your partner in bedroom.


  1. Work on your appearance

Buy that sexy dress you have been eyeing on since long. Get waxing done. Make efforts with your appearance. Wear makeup, sexy outfits, keep yourself healthy and fit to keep the spark alive in your relationship. When you look good, you will feel good, your partner will appreciate the efforts and he will feel great.

  1. Surprises

Surprise your partner by bringing in his favorite snacks or by cooking his favorite meal or helping him do his share of chores and turn the things from boring to romantic. Show your partner that you care for him and want to make him happy. And this will bring the spark back.

  1. Take things lightly

Once you are comfortable with each other, you start to over-analyze everything your partner said or did, or you do not care at all. To rekindle the spark, you need to take things lightly- tease your partner, make them laugh, laugh heartily at a silly joke, stop complaining, and just enjoy each other

  1. Open communication

Communicate with your partner in an open and honest manner and show your vulnerabilities. Listen to what they have to say. Respect his thoughts, opinions, and ideas. Opening about your feelings and emotions will bring you both closer and you will learn new things about your partner.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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