15 Sultry Things You Can Do To Him In Bedroom!

By- Shreya Sharma

When you are sexually active, sex after a while turns boring and mundane and predictable. This is when we often try to not get into it. To spice up your sex life again, there are plenty of hot things you can do to turn your man on.  Though every guy is different, there are a few things that every guy loves. Here are 15 sultry things you can do to him in the bedroom.

  1. A lap dance

You need not be the skilled lap dancer. All you need to do is straddle your man to music and grind your hips. He will love it.


  1. Some oral fun

If you are not in a mood for P into V sex, you can get on your knees to give him a treat. He will return your favor for sure.

  1. Blindfold fun

Go a little kinky and blindfold your man. He will not know when and where you are going to plant your next kiss.

  1. Some sexy photos

Send him some sexy photos of yours when he is in bed alone. This will make him feel like you are lying next to him.


  1. Talk dirty

Words can turn him on so much that he will wish to rip off your clothes. Whisper naughty things that you want to do to him in his ear while your lips touching him. He will go crazy.

  1. Play board games

There are various sexual board games to play. You can play strip poker together.

  1. Get on top of him

Do not let him do all the work. Once in a while, climb on top of your man.


  1. Play some sensual music

The music will set you in the right mood. Play a sexy playlist and have a blast.

  1. Let him take control

When you feel lazy, tell him to take control and do whatever he wants to do.

  1. Massage him

Pamper your man and help him relax. Give him a shoulder massage and work your way down.


  1. Take control

If you have the burst of energy and you are feeling sexual high, it is your time to take control.

  1. Pole dance

Install a pole in your bedroom and put a little show for your partner to impress him.

  1. Food play

Do not get any food near your genitals, but you can spread them over the rest of your body. Bring out the whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and cherries.


  1. Tease him with kiss

The more you tease, the more he will want to kiss you.

  1. Striptease

Put on some music and slowly take off your clothes in front of him. It will make it hard for him to control.


Source –  Tumblr

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