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15 Signs He Is Addicted To Attention… Attention Seeker!

By- Shreya Sharma

Having a partner adds a new level of excitement into your life. Your life will not go pale if you do not have any partner, but you be sure missing out on a fun and thrilling experience. We know everyone is different in nature, temperament, and personality. But if your partner just needs the limelight in every situation, he is no less than an attention seeker. Here are 15 signs he is addicted to attention and is just an attention seeker.

  1. They just want to be the center of every conversation

And if they are not the topic, then they will try to get into the conversation that has nothing to do with them and make the entire conversation about them. Or they may even just talk about them.


  1. You hardly get to talk

They are terrible listeners and they only want to talk about themselves. They will interrupt you as you speak just to talk about them.

  1. They constantly take selfies

They have mastered the art of taking selfies from all angles with every funny face. They keep on posting their pictures on social media.

  1. No matter how little they drink, they act as they are too drunk to walk straight.

Even if they had a little breezer, they will do it to get some attention.


  1. They get insecure when you hang out with your friends without inviting them

They feel left out and try to make you feel bad and guilty if you forget to ask them.

  1. They have “been there, done that” for every situation

According to them, they have done everything, meeting President, bungee jumping and every other thing.

  1. They get uncomfortable when they meet someone more popular at a get-together

They will either leave the gathering or will criticize them for being loud and boring.


  1. Their Facebook account is like a blog page

Their account is full of check-ins to every restaurant, club, mall and other places he steps into along with pictures.

  1. Their conversation starts like “You won’t believe what just happened with me”

Because every good, bad, strange, unbelievable or astonishing thing just happens with them.

  1. The way they talk shows how much they love themselves

They just brag about themselves. Are not these shades just perfect for my fair complexion?


  1. Their dressing sense stands out

Their dressing sense is either over the top or just too simple. They just want to attract attention and for that, they have tried everything from jazz to loud to chic to funky.

  1. They post pictures with you on social media with lots of praises for you

Because they want the world to know what great boyfriend they are to you.

  1. Watching a movie with them is a nightmare

Because they like to comment after every single dialogue.


  1. They have mood swings

Especially when they are not the center of attraction and you are not talking about them.

  1. If they dislike someone, they want you to dislike them as well

And if you dare talk to that person who is on their hate list, you end up being on that hate list as well for a few days!


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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