Love Commandments: 10 Things That Makes A Relationship Last Forever!

By- Shreya Sharma

Love is not-at-all just about finding the right person, but creating the right relationship with him. The old couples who are romantically attached to each other as if their relationship is new, this makes us wonder what actually bind them together even after so many years. Happy and healthy relationships are one of the greatest joys of life. This gives us relationship goal but hardly do we know how to achieve that. Here we present you the love commandments that make a relationship last forever.

  1. Do not let the courtship period end!!

Do not take each other for granted. Sure you both will be comfortable with one another but this does not mean you stop your courtship period. Even if you both are busy, manage time to stop and check your partner and shower affection.

  1. Fall in love with the changes

You might be together for years or decades and with the change of time, we all change and so does your partner. Fall in love with all the physical or emotional changes of your partner.

  1. See the best in them

Every relationship has fights and misunderstanding but when it occurs, you have to understand that why are you together. Try to see the best quality of the person you are in love with.

  1. Protect your own heart

Love yourself the way you love your partner. Allow yourself all the love, happiness, forgiveness and laughter you want for your partner.

  1. Admit when you are wrong

There could be times when you misunderstood things and that turned into disagreement and argument. Before things turn ugly, it is better you learn to accept your mistake and say sorry.

  1. Be each other’s strength

A relationship works smoothly when you both are capable enough to pick each other up. As a partner you have to support one another when the times are hard. Paying attention to your partner’s activities and sharing your own activities as well works to keep couples connected. Voicing out your opinions and insight, landing your shoulder on difficult time or just being there as compassionate ear to listen all but makes a difference. Being invested in your SO life contributes in your valued relationship.

  1. Don’t keep score.

It never does anyone relationship any good if you hold grudges. If anyone of you is at fault, then be brave enough and humble enough to accept and admit it. If your SO does anything wrong then be gracious and forgive him. We all are mere human, we make mistakes in those moment of weakness. Don’t let any mistake to drive your relationship to a ditch.

  1. Do not fight about money

You both might have disagreement over financial issues. Define your financial goals as a couple. Money is necessary but it should not be the reason for disagreement.

  1. Always choose love

Even if the situation goes odd and things are tearing you apart, always choose love. The love you have will make you sail the boat. Hold on to love and your relationship will last forever.

  1. Surprise

You might be busy with things on personal and professional ground and nothing surprise you anymore. It is time you surprise your partner. Take that extra effort to surprise your partner with something breath-taking, from a simple heartfelt note to a romantically extravagant vacation.

Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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