10 Good Habit That Every Happy Couple Follows!

By- Shreya Sharma

We all love those couples who start together at early age and end together forever, the ones who grow together and stay together. We want to have such kind of relationship, but we do not know the secret to it. When we find the right guy, we want our relationship to sail through every odd and keep going until the end. We do not want to leave him and we miss him when he is not by our side. But sometimes things do not go the way we want them to be and we end up blaming ourselves or each other for this failure, but in real, there are many things we need to do, to have a healthy relationship. Here are 10 good habits that every happy couple that stays together follows.

  1. Learn to forgive

Learn the art of forgiving for the sake of your relationship. Holding anger and animosity will not help your relationship.


  1. Do not let your anger grow

Initially, you might be angry at him because of the things he does, but you do not want to lose him and keep things within you. But if he keeps doing the things that make you angry, it is better to speak else your anger will turn into resentment which makes you think that you hate him. Talk about the things that bother, so that he can at least try to change.

  1. Focus on what your partner does right

Do not constantly bring up the wrong things your partner does. Focus on the good things your partner does and your relationship will be happy.

  1. Divide the household chores

If you do all the chores alone, it will lead to resentment. To stay together happily, you need to divide the chores.


  1. Have dinner together

To keep your relationship strong, eating dinner together is really important. This way you can enjoy food while talking about things. You can talk about each other’s day or just be happy that you are together.

  1. Have friends

It is important to have friends outside the relationship. You need your own space which eventually makes your relationship healthy.

  1. Go on dates

To keep the excitement alive in your relationship, never forget to go on dates. Act like you just meet or are starting your relationship again. Usually, after the honeymoon period, things become boring and predictable. Keep the spark alive. Go on trips, plan dinner date or play board games.

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  1. Pay attention

Free yourself from phones, laptops, and other gadgets. Have your eyes and ears on your partner and spend time talking and this will make you happy to be together forever.

  1. Be affectionate

In your hectic life, we often forget little things such as goodbye kiss. But to have a healthy relationship, do not forget to show your affection towards each other. Greet your partner with a kiss and never feel odd to hug or kiss your partner. It retains the sense of closeness in your relationship.

  1. Go to bed together

Going to bed together means you can cuddle, talk and fall asleep in one another’s arms which maintain the intimacy and warmth in your relationship. Going to bed when your man is busy playing is only going to make your relationship boring.


Source – Tumblr

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