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15 *Surprising* Things Only Love Can Give You In Life!

By- Shreya Sharma

Love is not just about the butterflies you get when he is around, it is also about the warmth and comfort their presence makes you feel. When you truly love someone, you actually understand that it is not just what one sees in movies or reads in the novel, love is beyond that. Love blesses you with so many hidden traits that might not explore otherwise. Here are 15 surprising things only love can give you in life.

  1. A constant support

When you are in love, you have constant support. Your man is there to support you with your dreams. You know they will never judge you, no matter what you want to do. They are always there to support you with your goals.


  1. Someone who accepts you completely

You feel happy when you have someone who accepts you the way you are. You can be vulnerable and weird with them, and he will love you even then. You will have someone who will accept you for your flaws.

  1. You will have purpose in life

When you are in love, you feel you have something worth living and working for. Your SO is the purpose and motivation you need.

  1. Your confidence level will boost

Since, you know you have someone who will accept you no matter what, your confidence level boosts. When your partner and you express your love for each other, you feel confident. You learn to love yourself and your self-esteem is boosted.


  1. Someone who understands you

You no more have to try your hard to explain yourself and your feelings because you have someone who understands you and knows about your feelings.

  1. You are never alone

Even when you are alone at home, you never feel lonely because you always feel connected with your partner and they are always there in your mind. You feel united and comfort rather than feeling lonely.

  1. You feel secure

When you fell in love, there are no insecurities left. You have a sense of security with your partner.


  1. He is there to share your life with

You always have someone to share your life stories and gossips and news with. You know your partner will be there to listen to everything you wish to share with him. You actually have him to share your life with.

  1. You think about other people too

When you are in love, you not only think about your partner, you think about other people too. You become more empathetic and see things from their end.

  1. You have great sex

Having sex with someone you love is more intense, passionate and romantic. Your emotional bond intensifies things because you can let go of yourself.


  1. You have physical contact

We all need physical contact to feel calm and complete. When you are in love, you can get it whenever you want. You can snuggle up with them whenever you want.

  1. You feel like home when you come to them

The person you love becomes your new home. Whenever he is around you, you feel the comfort of being at home.

  1. You have possibilities of future

When you are in love, the possibilities of future seem real. You can think about your life with them. You can think about having a family with them.


  1. You have someone to keep you sane

There are so many things that can drive you crazy and insane. When you are in love, your partner will keep you sane.  He will assist with your stressful life, and he will always be there to back you up no matter what.

  1. You have someone to take care of you when you are sick

When you are in love, your partner will not run away from you when you are sick. He will not care if he catches the illness, he will try his best to take care of you and make you feel comfortable. He will buy you medicines, take you to the doctor and will even cook for you.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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