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The 11 Best Moment In Every Relationship!

By- Shreya Sharma

Relationships are bliss when you are with your right one. Mere holding his hand feels like being home. You have that sweet fire lighting within you that gives you warmth, passion and the longing for your partner. You are at times sure of how you want him, at times confused if he feels the same and some more feelings that cluster within you when you are in a relationship. Here are 11 best moments in every relationship.

  1. When you look at them and think “can this be more than just a few times hookup kind of thing?”

You wonder that you will not be the third wheel anymore. You will have a partner for those parties and clubbing days when you used to sit alone. Now, you have him to be with you.


  1. When you get excited about changing your relationship status on Facebook

You have that tingling excitement feeling when you are going to make it official on Facebook.

  1. When you realize that maybe you love this person

Your heart thumps, your palms sweat and goosebumps pop up over your skin every time he touches you. And you wonder ‘Is this love?’ You calm yourself and try not to freak out.

  1. When you think ‘Do they love me?’

You are confused and nervous about if he loves you or not. You look how nervous he is and how he is shifting his eyes. And this is when you both realize that you both are in love with each other.


  1. When they look into your eyes

And you feel did they just look into my soul? And you know that they have and you are soulmates.

  1. When you grow from ‘I hate these cheesy things’ to ‘I want these cheesy things’

Earlier the things that used to make you roll your eyes are now the things you crave. You want to walk on the beach holding his hand. Love makes you do and says things that you would not have done or said otherwise.

  1. When one of you blurts out ‘I love you’ like time bomb

And you both are doing the happy dance within your mind and heart.


  1. When you are with them singing at the top of your lungs and he says ‘You sing well’

And you wonder really? Because you know this cannot be true. But you end up thinking about how crazily comfortable you are with him that there is no shame whatsoever.

  1. When you are having a bad day and he knows exactly how to make you feel better

And he will just come to you, cuddle down to fall you asleep so that you can relax.

  1. When you have been together since years and you realize that you still feel excited to see them

You wonder how he managed to make you feel excited even after so many years because you know had it been someone else, you have been annoyed to hell.

  1. When you think ‘could this be the forever kind of love?’

And there’s a little part of you that says, yes, perhaps it just might do for a time as long as forever.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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