12 Things You Can Do After Sex Besides Sleeping!

By- Shreya Sharma

Usually, after sex, people prefer to sleep because of course you had some wild workout and you are tired enough to doze off. But the question why to waste the best moments of your life into unconsciousness, when you can do some better things that will help you bond together. There are more interesting ways you can spend your post-sex moments. Here are 12 things you can do after sex besides sleeping.

  1. Food in bed

Use this moment to your advantage and eat food in bed. Eating pizza will always hit the right spot after having a passionate between the sheet sessions.


  1. Clean

This is the perfect time to do the chores that you hate doing otherwise. Do your work with a smile because you will be still in the happy hangover of your session.

  1. Text or call back

Now, since you are in bed and you have nothing else to do, you can text back or call back. Or you can even read out email drafts to each other.

  1. Check Facebook together and have a laugh

This is a great way to bond together. Scan your Facebook together and have a laugh about people’s lame status updates.


  1. Watch movies or TV

Watch anything that you can make witty comments about together.

  1. Play board game

You can play scrabble because this is the time you are most focused and mentally alert. Impress your man with your knowledge.

  1. Do it again

If you have high sexual drives, go for it again.


  1. Dance naked

Celebrate your sex and dance naked to all the 90s songs jumping on your bed.

  1. A recap

Recap your session and talk about how you felt and what you like and dislike.

  1. Shower together

Sex might make you feel dirty because of the body fluids. So, help each other with shower. Soap each other and you can even have shower sex.


  1. Take selfies

Enjoy your post-sex glow. You look hot right now and you can save the memories of this fateful night.

  1. Workout

Since you are high on energy, so hit the gym. You have already done some cardio, now you have got a start.


Source –  Tumblr

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