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11 Reasons You Don’t Need The Guy To Have A Life You Want!

By- Shreya Sharma

You do not need a guy to complete you and your vision of life because you are independent, confident, strong, smart, badass and beautiful on your own. You are capable enough to do things on your own. Whatever you do and whatever you achieve has nothing to do with finding a right guy for yourself. You seriously do not any man to give you the life you always dreamt of, you just have to believe in yourself to attain it all. Here are 11 reasons why you do not need the guy to have a life you want.

  1. Girls too can be on top

Women nowadays are holding more top positions in their chosen fields. Just go after what you want and do not stop until you get that highest power you want in your life.


  1. Only you should have a control on your life

Your life, your decision! Do not listen to what others think is best for you or what they think you are capable of. You have to take up the responsibility and work in the direction of your goals. You have your own control on your dreams and to make them happen.

  1. Your potential has no limits

You might not have realized your limits, but if you wish to work hard, you can really do that. You can attain anything you want. You always have the potential to do better and better.

  1. You are strongest

If you doubt yourself, you are not going to achieve your goals. Understand your inner strength and you will never be afraid to not reach your goals. Do not pretend to be weak and dumb just to be with a guy. You are more capable than you think, so stop worrying about making success happen.


  1. You have everything inside you

Looking for answers and strengths is someone else is not going to make you successful. You have all that you need to be successful within you. You just have to look a little hard to find it out.

  1. You should not apologize to put in efforts to achieve what you want

Do not be afraid of success because of the consequences. Many people fear success as much as they fear not being successful. Rather than running from success, embrace it because you deserve it.

  1. You do not need man to support you

You are strong enough to support the man in your relationship if you want to. You need not depend on someone to get something; you can do it on your own. A man who truly loves you will never feel offended of your success.


  1. You do not have to ask someone to be successful

You cannot wait for people’s approval to do the things that you want to do. We are always told to be polite and ask for permission from people in our life. No one is going to give you green signal; you do not even need it. Go out and do it for yourself.

  1. Success will not be served on a silver platter to you by anyone

No man is going to come and serve you with success. No one is going to give you success; you have to achieve it on your own. You will have to put in the efforts to achieve it.

  1. We are the future

Women are the wave of the future, and we’re going to be the leaders of the next generation. So stop letting the men in your life hold you back. You are capable of great success all on your own — you just need to start believing in yourself and do it.

  1. Independence is being strong

Independence is the greatest strength and not a weakness. Independence is not just about being bossy, stubborn or bitchy. An independent woman knows the value of independence.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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