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11 Sex Secrets Every Happy Couple Known To Be True!

By- Shreya Sharma

Bad sex can be one horrible experience that can haunt you every time you initiate something raunchy which can be bad for your next attempt to sex. But bad sex is also useful because it teaches you a lot about yourself and the things you do not life, so you can save yourself from the horror the next time. Sex can bind you together in a relationship so it should be good. Here are 11 sex secrets every happy couple is known to be true.

  1. With years passing, quantity may go down, but quality should go up

When you are together since a long time, you will have sex which is okay if you are still doing the things to make your man go crazy.


  1. You both have equal right to orgasm

If you think that your pleasure matters more than your partner’s, then your relationship might be doomed. When you are in the happy relationship, you care about each other’s pleasure because your partner’s happiness makes you happy. Work on each other’s pleasure.

  1. Compromise works in bedroom as well

You should at least try to do the things the other person is obsessed with even if you are not a fan. This does not mean that you should do something that makes you feel uncomfortable. If your man wants to do something that you are comfortable doing it but does not like to do it, then you can indulge in that activity sometimes. Your partner will return you the favor.

  1. Experimentation is the key

It is difficult to stay sexually interested in one person for a longer time and that is why experimenting and trying new things in the bedroom is important.


  1. Sex shops are help

To have an exciting sex life, sex shops can be a great help to you. Look at the items in the shop and you can come up with new ways to switch your level up.

  1. Orgasm is not the only sexual destination

Always focusing on orgasm can make things boring and you can fall into a routine as you both will know what will make your partner orgasm. Focusing on orgasm might make you miss other reasons to have sex like emotional bonding that brings you so close.

  1. Being too serious can make you miss some amazing sex

There are a lot of awkward things that can happen during sex, but reacting in the right manner to them can make your sex mind blowing. Laugh the queefing out and you will feel more bonded together.


  1. You cannot use sex as a weapon

You cannot use sex as a means to control someone. It is fine if you do not want to have sex with your partner because you are upset, but not doing it to prove your point is completely wrong.

  1. Mundane things can also be hot

When you are in a long-term relationship, you will have a lot of normal days, but to be a happy couple you will have to find sexiness in those moments. If your partner is cleaning the kitchen because you dislike it, this means they are trying to make you happy which is sexy.

  1. Absence makes you grow fonder of sex

Give yourselves a chance to miss each other. When you spend some time apart, you feel independent and appreciate each other’s presence in your life. you see each other in a fresh manner and feel the need to appreciate one another.

  1. Foreplay is important

Foreplay is important for a happy sex life and relationship. You have to treat sex as something special even if you have had it millions of time.


Source –  Tumblr

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