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18 Things Your Long Distance Boyfriend Wants You To Know!

By- Shreya Sharma

Long distance relationships are never easy. You miss the physical presence, but sure it has some of its perks and benefits. We all have heard that “distance makes the heart grow fonder”, but we have also heard “out of sight, out of mind” making it hard for the people involved to keep their sane at times. It makes few things difficult, but it makes your bond stronger. But sometimes, your man might not be that good with his words but may want somethings from you. Here are 18 things your long distance boyfriend wants you to know.

  1. He knows it is equally hard for you both

But he knows this distance and hardship is worth the efforts.


  1. He misses your presence

He may not say that he misses you, but he does miss you more than you think. He does not say this because he does not want to remind you about the distance.

  1. Your good morning texts makes his morning happy

It brings a big smile on his face and his day gets so much better.

  1. Random things remind him of you

If your man randomly calls you in the day, then the chances are something reminded him of you. Maybe someone was ordering the exact breakfast as you like.


  1. He does not want to hit on other girls

He loves you enough to not try to explore his options even when he is far away from you.

  1. Sometimes he is scared that you will find someone better

He trusts you enough, but being a human he too has his share of insecurities. But the trust you share overpowers his fears.

  1. He too wants to do cute couple things

He will not admit it but he wants to have Skype dates, surprise you with gifts and make a picture collage for you.


  1. He has your pictures on his phone that he looks at when he misses you

Your picture makes him feel better when he is sad.

  1. Sometimes he may not have anything to talk about, but he still wants to talk with you

Hearing your voice over the phone makes him feel that you are not far.

  1. He is concerned when he asks you about your whereabouts

As he is not around, he is worried about your safety and well-being. He is not suspicious, he is just concerned.


  1. He wishes to walk holding your hand

And he consoles himself that he will soon hold your hand as soon as you meet.

  1. He is always ready for sexting

He can do it anytime, all time, whenever you want.

  1. He too hates fighting with you

He knows you are far enough that he will not be able to hug you and make it up.


  1. He is as excited to meet you as you are

He too counts the days and hours, if not crossing the dates on the calendar.

  1. He knows there might be some disappointments as well

He knows there can be numerous reasons for which things might not work out. He might not be with you for your birthday or your anniversary.

  1. He loves you enough to not let you go

He really really really loves you a lot.


  1. He wants you to remember that the plan tickets are expensive

If you are expecting to visit each other every month, then you need not remember that plan tickets are quite expensive. Book your tickets ahead of time, it will cost you less.

  1. Ignoring is the worst thing

When you’re in a long-distance relationship, this strategy always backfires, because he’s got no idea what’s going on. Neither of you should ever resort to that.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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