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Are You In Flirtationship? 7 Benefits Of Being In One!

By- Shreya Sharma

This is the most fun phase and one of the best kind of interaction with others as it does not always mean that we want something serious. It is the situation a when you are more than friends but less than a relationship. Every now and then we find someone whose flirting skills match with ours and voila!! We are in flirtation-ship. Here are the benefits of being in a flirtationship.

  1. You always have “new crush” feeling

Because the flirting keeps the spark alive and thus your bond can never make you feel getting old and boring. You feel that child jumping in you when your flirting partner’s name pops on your phone. It gives you all the good feelings that come up when having a crush sans all the feeling of heartbreak and other such feelings.


  1. You can have other romantic interests as well

Let’s be honest, we all have that urge to make out with someone else occasionally. When you are in an exclusive relationship, you cannot have those casual flings but when in flirtationship, you do not have that guilt attached to those casual hook ups.

  1. You can have multiple flirtationships at a time

Not everyone has the guts to share their partner when you are in an exclusive relationship. But in flirtationship, you have all the rights to flirt with multiple partners at a time.

  1. No unrealistic expectations

You know it will not go beyond flirting. You won’t have expectations of him proposing you or changing himself for you or any such future expectation which we generally have in an exclusive relationship.


  1. Little drama

There are very fewer chances of problems arising from a flirtationship. The feeling of jealousy or competition is unlikely to happen. You are free from drama.

  1. You can cut off easily

Ending an exclusive relationship can be traumatizing as it leaves you to heart broken and with some bad memories. But to end a flirtationship, all you need to do is stop flirting and that is it.

  1. No time-consuming thing

It is more like your free will thing. You can text them all night if you want to, you are not forced to or have to do it. These are the low-maintenance relationship where there is less of drama as the chords are not attached to end up with the breakup.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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