8 Things you should have in your 20s bucket list

There is a time in your life you find it difficult to decide what section of the generation do you belong, teenagers or adults. That is probably when you hit your 20s. You start seeing the world in ways that neither a teenager nor an adult would understand. With new vision comes a new bucket list that has to be fulfilled in this period of time. Here are some of the suggestions to help you decide the things you should add up to your bucket list.

  1. Travel to new places

Now when you have started seeing the world differently it is time you should explore it as well. Plan to make a trip to new places with your friends or alone. See different places and experience different cultures.


  1. Savings

This is a time when you probably get your first job or first internship in some company and you really want to enjoy your salary by spending all of it the best ways you can. You want to go to clubs, party, spent it on friends and even on shopping. What you also need to realize is the important of savings. Keep a small amount for savings each month as well to make sure you have money during emergencies.


  1. Learn a new skill

You are at a stage of life where you brain does not get tired of knowledge. It is the best time to master a new skill, be it anything. You can choose from learning a new language to play a new instrument. That will eventually land up in your experience and apparently one more thing to be proud of.


  1. Have a work balance

As mentioned above that your brain does not get tired of acquiring knowledge at this stage of life but your body does get worked up but there is so much adrenaline running inside you that by the time you realize you are tired it is too late. You land up having a stressed mind and body which is harmful. You need to keep a proper work balance in order to lead a healthy life.


  1. Remove a bad habit

Usually this is a time when you pick up habits like drinking or smoking, but it is time to try something new. Push yourself to quit a bad habit so that you can be really proud of yourself after achieving it.


  1. Apply for a dream job

This should be “a must” thing in your bucket list. It is very important that you try for your dream job, as when you love what you do, things get pretty easy for you. You start enjoying your job and you can expect to be there and progress eventually with time.


  1. A day without technology

This thing sounds like a real hard job to accomplish but it is not impossible. You need to put yourself away from all kind of technology ones in a while and enjoy the real world. Only then you will know what exactly you have been missing.


  1. Train yourself to get over a fear or a phobia

You are high spirited being at this stage of life and you can really get rid of a fear or phobia if you really wish too. Just think over it for a moment. Why to carry a fear lifelong when you can gain control over it.


Well these are some really interesting things that you can add up to your 20s bucket list. These things are really interesting and different from a clichéd format and will probably add up interesting moments in your life.

Skadoosh guys!

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