16 Signs You Are Always His First And Foremost Priority!

By- Shreya Sharma

Being someone’s priority is always a special and underestimated feeling. Especially when we are in the relationship, we want to be our man’s priority; we want them to be there whenever we are sad, low, happy, and high or every other emotion. We want them to have time for us most of the times. And it is like the satisfaction that we are still important for him. Priorities are all of the importance and you are lucky enough if your man does these things for you. Here are 16 signs you are always his first and foremost priority.

  1. He is always on time

He will never leave you waiting. He will always be on time and maybe even a few minutes earlier.


  1. He cares about the things important to you

If something is important to you, he will wish to hear all about them. He wants to share your excitement.

  1. He will do things out of his way for you

Whenever you need him, you will find him by your side without any questions or complaints. He will drive miles to pick you up or to drop you.

  1. He comes up with date ideas

He does not put the pressure of planning the date on you. He does not expect that you should do all the work in the relationship. He is romantic and comes up with new ideas.


  1. You are his plus one

Whenever he has to go somewhere, he invites you to accompany him.

  1. He brags about you

He introduces you to his friends and family. He brags about you whenever possible. He wants the world to know that you belong to him.

  1. He helps you

When you are in problem, he is not there just to listen to you; he even tries to find a solution to your problem. Your happiness matters a lot to him.


  1. He puts effort during sex

He is not the only one enjoying the moment; he makes sure that you enjoy it too. For him, it is not just about his pleasure but about yours too.

  1. He discuss before making decisions

He makes decisions with you. He never surprises you with big decisions. He considers you both as a team and thus asks for your opinion before making a life changing decision.

  1. He misses you

He is open about how he misses you. He clears his schedule so that he can make most of his time with you.


  1. He remembers everything

He remembers everything you ever told and works on them. He remembers you favorite flowers, your cousin’s name and their story, the way you like your coffee and everything.

  1. He is loyal

He only wants you. His exes are no more a part of his active life. He is not on Tinder. He does not flirt.

  1. He calms you down

He is not the reason behind your tears; instead, he is the one who holds you close and calms you down. He tries his best to make you smile again.


  1. His replies are instant

When you message him, he replies back as soon as he gets the opportunity. He does not play games with you.

  1. Your relationship is not one-sided

Everything feels right and you do not feel that it is only you putting in the efforts to get things straight.

  1. His future includes you

He thinks ahead and he sets the plan in advance. His future plans include you.


Source – GiphyTumblr

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