10 Times It’s Ok To LIE A Little To Your Boyfriend!

By- Shreya Sharma

We know honesty is important to have a successful relationship. Honest and open communication is the key to a healthy relationship as it builds trust and lessens the reasons for fights. But sometimes being too honest can lead to fights as well. There are certain situations which do not demand you to be completely honest. It is better you leave some things unsaid. Here are 10 times it is ok to lie a little to your boyfriend.

  1. When you dislike his clothes

If you do not like his clothes, do not tell him unless he asks you directly about what you think of his style. Influence his styling by saying he looks great when he wears *something that you do not hate*. Give him clothes as the gift so that he can change his fashion taste.


  1. If you think his friends are immature

Your guy too may not get well with your friends. If your guy is faithful to you when he is with his friends, you better keep your opinion with you only. It is better you both keep your friends even when you have each other.

  1. You have had better sex

Do not ever say this even if it is true because it will only hurt your man’s feelings. Sex can be improved with time. You need not compare his performance with others. You can always talk about the thinks you like and dislike with your man.

  1. How much efforts it take to look gorgeous

You need not tell him that you did not wake up in the same manner. If he compliments you about your soft skin, you need not tell him about the lotion or scrub you use. Just say thank you and smile and keep your beauty secrets with you only.


  1. If your friends or family do not like him

Just like you do not want to hear if his friends or family dislike you, the same way he does not want to hear about this. Knowing such kind of information will make social and important gathers awkward for him.

  1. Revenge you have gotten on your ex

If you broke up with your ex and you decided to take revenge from him, you better not tell about this to your current man. Else he will just run away from you.

  1. If you still miss your ex

It is okay if you remember your special times together with your ex, but it will do no good to your new relationship. An occasional thought about your ex is nothing to worry about unless you are planning to get back with him.


  1. If you dislike his family

If you do not love his mother, then it is okay. He cannot help it. If you are together, you will have to deal with them to some extent. If you cannot be her best friend, you can at least be polite.

  1. About the guys who hit on you

We get jealous when someone tries to hit on our partner, so if you tell your man about how your coworker keeps on flirting with you, he will probably not like it.

  1. When you are jealous of his ex

Accept that you are insecure and you need to work on this. Bringing up the conversation on this issue will only lead it to a heated argument. Remember how much your man loves you. If he is keeping close contact with his ex and hanging onto their pictures then you can be jealous.


Source –  Tumblr

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