14 Romantic Things You Should Do For Your Partner If You Are Living Together!

By- Shreya Sharma

Relationships keep on changing and this change entirely depends on you and your partner and the efforts you both put in to make it work. You need to constantly put in your efforts and attention to let your relationship grow and blossom. Usually, when people are in the relationship, they start to take it for granted and this can cool down the fire and wildness required in your relationship and can make you fall apart. To break the monotony and get things spiced up, here are 14 romantic things you should do for your partner if you are living together.

  1. Sit and have a talk

Sit and talk with your partner about your day and ask him about his day and this will help you build intimacy. This open communication will build a strong bond between you two. You will know that you can talk about anything without judging your partner or be judged by him.


  1. A back massage

When you partner is back from work, he would be exhausted, so you should offer him a back massage to relieve some of his tension and stress. Relieve the stress and tensions from his back muscles and it will leave him moaning. It shows your concern towards your partner and it will make him love you more.

  1. Cook for him

You know your partner’s favorite meal, so cook it for him to see his eyes light up with happiness. Light some candles and arrange some flowers and here you are ready for your candle light dinner date.

  1. Kiss in rain

Make your kissing game even more romantic by kissing your partner when it is raining. As it starts to rain, drag your partner outside, wipe off the water drops from his face and kiss him slowly. You can even get your tongue into some work.


  1. Send roses

Though it is a cliché but it works. Surprise your partner with a bouquet of rose, send it to their workplace and see how happy he will be when he is back at home.

  1. Prepare breakfast for him

You might not be a great cook, but your gesture will count. Get up early then your partner and make them their favorite breakfast. Serve it to him in bed with a smile and a kiss. This will show your sweet and thoughtful side to your partner.

  1. Look at the stars filled sky

Find a nice secluded space, spread a blanket on the floor, lie down and look at the stars in the sky. Your faces will be lit by moonlight and starlight, the silence surrounds you and you will feel it is just you and him and the universe. And you can later start making out.


  1. Write notes

Put a little effort and write in a handwritten love note or love letter for your partner. Express what you feel for him and leave the notes where your partner will not expect them.

  1. Do laundry

Doing laundry is the boring task. So, pick up the old dirty clothes and do the laundry. Once the clothes are dry, fold them together. Make a game out of it and do it together and you will have fun.

  1. Shower together

This will increase your intimacy. It is sensual to wash your partner’s body and paying extra attention to their sensitive body parts. You can also get naughty over there.


  1. Bubble bath

Light scented candles around the bathroom; use few drops of essential oils in water, couple glasses of wine and some mood enhancing and have a perfect bubble bath with your partner.

  1. Read to each other

Pick a romantic book and take turns reading to each other. If your partner is a book worm, he will adore your efforts.

  1. Look into each other’s eyes

Staring into your partner’s eyes creates an intimacy that is unparalleled to anything. You’re opening yourself up to your partner, where they can take a peek at your vulnerabilities, without you trying to hide them.

  1. Hug him

Hug him in kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, anywhere and everywhere. Give him a proper bear hug where you envelop his body completely. This is the best kind of hug.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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