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15 Situations Every Girl Fantasizes With Her Crush!

By- Shreya Sharma

The movies we watch have given us so many situations to fantasize about with our crush. Already it was hard to stop daydreaming about our crush, now we have some more situations to imagine them with us. Instead of waiting for him to propose you in the manner you always think about, it is the time you go creative with your approach. Here are 15 situations every girl fantasizes with her crush.

  1. Being stuck on an isolated island

Imagine being stranded on an island with your crush with no resources. You two will definitely end up being together.


  1. Pretending to be a couple

Imagine what if your crush gets to pretend as your boyfriend, you will be the best girlfriend and he will fall for you for sure.

  1. He, helping you after you get hurt

Imagine, as you fall your crush comes rushing to you and gently touching your skin to help you bandage.

  1. Him being at the same party as you

Imagine you are dressed to nine for a fun party and your crush too happens to be there. Maybe, he will ask you for a dance.


  1. Doing a project together

Daydream about being a team for a project. He might even invite you to his house to complete the project.

  1. A friend fixing you two together

Imagine your friend fixed you for a blind date, and it turns out that your crush is the one you are fixed with.

  1. Bumping into each other

Imagine walking around and bumping accidentally into your crush that you both fall. It would be embarrassing but you will get to talk and laugh.


  1. A secret relationship

Having a secret relationship is sexy and adventurous.

  1. Being matched on a dating site

Imagine that you signed up for a dating site and automatically get matched with your crush.

  1. Getting stuck in freezing cold

Imagine being outside with him in freezing cold and like a true gentleman, he will be wrapping his jacket around your shoulders.


  1. Working together at job

Imagine getting a new job where your crush is your boss.

  1. Being seated next to him

Imagine going on a trip and being seated next to your crush. You will have hours to start a conversation with him.

  1. Him being drunk at the bar

Imagine him being drunk and you supporting him. He might be more honest in this state and end up admitting feelings for you.


  1. Hooking up during reunion

Imagine when you will go to your reunion after few years, how sexy you will look when you meet him.

  1. He kissing you randomly

Imagine, he walks to you, grabs you and kisses you passionately. You can go wild together.


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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