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17 Flirting Moves Of Yours He Doesn’t Even Notice!

By- Shreya Sharma

Sometimes while being with our crush, even the simplest of our move seems to be too much to us and we think that it will make our feelings obvious for them. But the truth is even after certain flirting moves, your crush is often clueless about your feelings, and it is because they are not paying enough attention. Here are 17 flirting moves of yours, he does not even notice.

  1. Playing with your hair

Usually, girls touch their hair a lot many times, absentmindedly. He might consider your hair play to be one of those not-so-intentional ones.


  1. Staring at him

He might catch you staring at him but still, may think that you are looking into space or maybe he is looking weird.

  1. Posting pictures or changing display pictures

He will not understand that you are posting some sexy picture of yours because you want him to like them. He might think you just posted that picture randomly.

  1. Liking his posts

It is one impersonal act and there are many people who like his status, so that is no big deal for him.


  1. Suggestive eating

You are not in a movie world to look like a seductress while eating banana or strawberries. You will look silly and he will never catch that you are trying to flirt with him.

  1. Texting him first always

You might have 20 messages, but you chose to reply him first. This is a big thing for you, but he will not realize it.

  1. Trying to make him feel jealous

If you thinking flirting with another man in front of him will make him jealous, then you are wrong. It will make him think that you like the other person.


  1. Laughing at every word that comes out of his mouth

If you laugh at everything he says, he will think he is hilarious, not that you like him.

  1. Dressing great for him

He will never know that you are dressing nicely for him. He will think this is the way you carry yourself.

  1. All smiles

Smiling is great but it is a friendly gesture and he will not take it as flirting.


  1. Bitching about other girls

He will consider you as a nasty person if you bitch about other girls in front of him. He will not understand that you are doing this to look good in comparison to other girls.

  1. Pretending to have similar tastes

If you pretend to like the same food as he does, he will think that you genuinely like it. He will not understand that you are just trying to impress him.

  1. Subtle compliments

Subtle compliments will not take you too far, neither go over the board. But being subtle will not make him think too much into it.


  1. Asking for help from him

This way you can get to spend more time with him. But he will consider it as a friendly request.

  1. Tagging him on social media

Tagging him on social media will not give you the desired result. He might not even consider it to be flirting.

  1. Skin show

He will never understand that you are showing skin for him if he does not know about your feelings, after all, you run into plenty of men throughout the day.

  1. ‘Accidental’ bump

You might bump into him intentionally, but he will take it as an accident only.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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