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If He Makes You Cry On These 10 Times, Don’t Let Him Go!

By- Shreya Sharma

We have a strange relationship with tears. They are with us in our happy times and bad times as well. We are confused if to put tears in the category of something healthy or something we should avoid. Being a girl we are closely associated with tears and are told not to cry, but sometimes it is good to cry. Our man can be the reason for our tears a lot many times. He should not make you cry for flirting with someone else or for ill-treating you or for calling you names, but he should make you cry happy tears. Here are 10 times, if he makes you cry, then you should not let him go.

1. When you read the letter written by him explaining how his life has changed after having you in it, how much he loves you and feels lucky to have you and how he is never going to let you go.


2. When you can cry watching an emotional movie together. You know you do not need to act calm and composed and not let your tears flow. You know he will not make fun of it.

3. When he buys you something meaningful and personalized, and you know it must have taken him days to find this out for you.

4. When you are dealing with your emotions over a job loss or death of someone close, and he wraps his arms around you comforting and telling that things will be fine and he is there by your side to support you.


5. When he brings random surprises for you and words are not enough to explain your happiness and tears come rolling down.

6. When he gets down on his one knee, takes your hand and asks you to marry him because he is head over Nike in love with you.

7. When you snuggle up together, look at pictures, laugh at your favorite memories and realize how far you have come as a couple and how you have grown together.


8. When he reads the wedding vows and reaffirms you that you two are soul mates and your marriage is going to last the longest.

9. When you see him holding your baby in his arms for the first time and kissing her and loving her for the first time.

10.When he is being able to offer you damn good sex and stronger orgasm that you cannot hold back your happy tears. You know it is not just about him, it is about you two for him.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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