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17 Things He Will Do Only For You If He Loves You!

By- Shreya Sharma

When we are in a relationship, we all wonder if the man is doing something seriously or if it is just to get us into their bed? It has become difficult to identify the true intentions of a man because even the crooks come with a decent façade. Man does not always understand the power of love. Man fall in love harder than a woman, they just take a little longer time. His actions can tell you if he loves you or not. Believe what they do instead of what they say. Here are 17 things he will do only for you if he loves you.

  1. He stays with you when you are sick

He wants to be with you when you are sick. For him taking care of you is much more important than his night outs. This shows that there no limits to his love.


  1. He goes to things because you are going not because they like it.  

He does not want to go to your random friend’s party or the rom-com you are willing to watch, but if you are going, he will join you for sure.

  1. He puts efforts with your friends

He not only wants to make you happy but also the people closest to you.

  1. He can sleep with you without having sex

He gets you into bed, not for sex but to cuddle up and sleep with you.


  1. He allows you to decide the venue for dinner

Pleasing you is his priority and his own desires and needs come later.

  1. He buys food especially for you

You are no guest to him. You will find your favorite food and snacks in his house or with him.

  1. After a trip, he visits you first

When you are in love and you have to stay away, the urge and love grow higher. He instead of going to his place comes to meet you first.


  1. He always texts you back

He always texts you even if it is inconvenient, or he does not feel like texting or he does not want to talk at that time. He will never let your texts unanswered.

  1. He remembers every little thing you ever told him

He remembers the candy you love, the things you are allergic to and what color you love the most. He pays attention to every conversation you ever had.

  1. He appreciates your beauty even in the early morning look

No matter how much makeup is smeared on your face or how frizzy your hair looks, he still feels you are the most beautiful and appreciates your beauty.


  1. He tries to let his friends mingle with yours

He wants to make you a part of his life as much as possible and thus tries to make your friends and his friends mingle so that things become easy for you.

  1. He tries to make you feel comfortable

When you are at his apartment, he tries his best to make you feel comfortable and safe. He treats you like a VIP guest.

  1. He tries to listen to your complaints about insignificant things

He tries to indulge in your gossips and pretends to care about your random coworker’s life.


  1. He acts the same when his friends are around

He does not hide away your relationship with his friends. He is proud to have you and is not ashamed to show it off by hugging you when they are around.

  1. He gives you advice when you need them

He not only listens to your problems but also cares about them. He just wants to see you happy.

  1. He does not mind carrying your purse

He just wants to help you by taking the load off. It does not matter to him what others think and thus does not feel any shame in carrying your purse.

  1. He does not need words to tell you about his love

You don’t feel unloved or insecure because he doesn’t say it to you every day. You know he loves you, by the way, he looks at you, waits for you and wants to be with you.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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