8 Nail Tips Every Girl Should Know!

Nails help us beautify our hands. We love those well-manicured, trimmed, long nails and crave to get those. We try to manage our nails and fight against every cut. Remember the times you say you won’t work as your nail might get chipped. We present you certain tricks and tips for your nails.

  1. Glitter off pain

We know it is quite a pain to get off those glitter nail shades from our hands. The easiest way to get it off is, you cut down the cotton ball into 10 pieces, apply acetone on those pieces and tape them over each finger. This way you can easily get ogg the glitter.

  1. Freeze the shade

If you are in too hurry and have no time to wait for your nail shade to settle down, we have a quick trick for you. Take a bowl of ice water and dunk your fingers in that, it will help to settle down the fresh applied nail polish within minutes. You can even stand in front of Freezer with your hands in, the cooler temp will work for you.

  1. Thin single layer

If you are too lazy and think one thick coat will be easy to apply the nail shade, then remember that it will take more of time to settle down. Thin single layers settle down easily in less time and thus applying single thin layers twice is a better option than applying one thick coat.

  1. White basecoat

If you want to apply neon nail shade, it is better to apply white basecoat first and then you apply neon shade. It will help you highlight your favorite neon shade.

  1. The Vaseline wonder

Use Vaseline jelly to protect your cuticles from getting nail shade applied. You have to grab a Vaseline jelly and apply it on the cuticles, the area around your nails. Make sure you do not apply this on your nails. Now you can easily paint your nails as it would stick to the balm and you can easily wipe it off.

  1. Finishing touch

Once you are done with the application of your favorite nail shade, apply clear topcoat along the tip of your nail. It will help your nail shade last long.

  1. Saliva to smooth

If your nail shade it wet and you have caused a dent on it, you can lick on to that place. It may sound gross but it is an effective way to smooth out the dented area. Remember not to eat that because it is nail polish.

  1. Wet nail cut

Clipping down the nails is quite a task as it tosses up here and there, particularly toe nails and then it is hard to find them. To save the nail-search game time, it is better to wet your nails lightly and then cut them off carefully.

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