5 Super Cute Hairstyle That You Can Make In 5 Minutes!

By- Sheena Bagga

A perfect and a cute hairstyle is all you need for an amazing holiday or a perfect day out everytime. An amazing hairstyle makes you look perfect overall. Hairstyle is the basic and one of the essential one which just add a charm to your beauty and makes you look superb. So all you need a cute hairstyle which you can do in just 5 minutes without wasting so much of time.

Here are 5 super cute hairstyle that you can make in 5 min:

  1. French braid with a bun.

You have to do in this is to brush your hair properly and then take a side part now take a small amount of hairs now braid it like a French one and then secure that braid at last by using band or bobby pins an d just fold them like a bun, just like a low one behind the ears. In this you can also use some cute pins pr flowers just to amp up the look. This hairstyle is perfect for the long hairs.

  1. Topsy tail.

In this just simply tie the hairs with the help of elastic band like a ponytail and do a high ponytail now take a thin sec of the hairs from the side of it and just roll it around the band to cover it properly and use some bobby pins over it to secure them. Now, just tie a band after leaving 2.5 section of it and again do the same thing and just separate these section into two to create a hole in between, now pull your hairs bit to give a neat look. This hairstyle is perfect for medium hairs.

  1. Crown braids.

Well brushed the hairs properly and give a centered part and then create two braids from the front or either from the side, leave those strands loose to give sexy vibe. Now take both the braids at the back and just intercourse them and makes another braids tail and at the end secure it with elastic bands and here you are ready in 5 minutes.

  1. Winding side braid.

Brush your hairs with the help of a soft brush and do it properly then create a side part and then make a braid from the thin section of it and just tie its end with a elastic band. Now tuck the braids under the crown of hairs with the help of bobby pins and after that wrap the brain around the pony just like this picture and tie its end properly. It suits on medium to long hairs.

  1. Sexy spikes.

To grab this style shampooed your hairs and then blow dried it properly and just remember to just brush them out to keep them straight, now use a molding paste to your hairs to create a spikes and then finish it off with shine spray on it.

Source – Instagram, pinterest

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