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16 Things You Should Want To Do For Your Man!

By- Shreya Sharma

Doing certain things for your partner should make you feel blessed. You should be happy that you could manage to help your man when he needed you. You should put in your efforts to make your man happy. And if you hate doing little things for your man and feel obliged to do them, then probably you should not be with him. Here are 16 things you should want to do for your man.

  1. Cook for him

Sure, you are not with him as his cook. But if he had a long day, you should not mind cooking for him, just like the way he should not.


  1. Bringing gift for him

You should enjoy searching a perfect gift for him. You know he will be happy and it will make him smile, so you should be happy putting in some efforts.

  1. Offer him your shoulder to cry on

His tears should not annoy you. You should be happy that he is opening up to you. The only thing that should annoy you, should be not finding a way to comfort him.

  1. Having sex with him

You should not feel forced to have sex with him. You should be eager to strip your clothes off for him and have a great time.


  1. Be his support

It should not bother you that you have to support him. You should be happy to support him in everything he does.

  1. Moving in with him

You should be eager to move in with him in the same apartment.

  1. Spending time with his friends

You should treat his friends like yours. You should be equally excited to see them as you are to see your girls.


  1. To have a future together

The idea of spending the rest of your lives together should make you feel excited.

  1. Take care of him when he is ill

You should not feel annoyed if he is down with a cough or cold. Instead, you should happily take care of him and make him some soup.

  1. Listen to him

You should want to hear about his day, rather than feeling annoyed that you will have to listen to his stories about work.


  1. Conversations with him

You should be excited to talk with him and tell him about your day as you are to hear about his day.

  1. Efforts to look good for him

You should want to look good for your man and he will be proud to call you his.

  1. Tell him about your feelings

You should not feel annoyed when you have to say those three magical words. You should be eager to say them as often as possible.


  1. Give him compliments

Giving him compliments should make you feel happy. It will boost his mood.

  1. Consult him before making decisions

You should not feel annoyed that you will have to consult with your man before making any major decision. You should be happy that you have him to discuss things with.

  1. Going on a vacation

You should be excited to go on a vacation with him. If you feel annoyed and scared of the idea of going on vacation with him, then you are with the wrong person.


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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