25 Thoughts You Have When You Are Kissing Someone!

By- Shreya Sharma

The first kiss is always awesomely awkward; whether you are experiencing g it for the first time or it is a new person. It is confusing and nerve-wrecking at first yet quite a learning process. You learn to move your body in sync with your partner’s body, you feel butterflies, nervousness and blessed at the same time. Kissing someone is a thrilling experience which you face both inside and outside. Your mind is on constant working stage and you might get some really strange thoughts about it even when you are into it. Here are 25 thoughts you have when you are kissing someone.

  1. “Do they really want to kiss me?”

Am I even catching the signals right? Is he really interested?


  1. “Should I make the first move or is he planning to do so?”

We have heard we should make the first move, but this is the situation where we wonder should we make the first move or not? Are we going to ruin his plans?

  1. “Ohkayyy! Let me just move my face close to his”

It is like testing if we are catching the signals right or not.

  1. “Am I leaning in too much? Should I move a bit aside?”


  1. When it happens, “There face is on my face”

This is when you lose all your controls.


  1. “It’s been while to be on his bottom lip, should I switch?”

Is it going to mess up the rhythm? Are they going to do the same?

  1. “Is it their tongue?”

Okay! Yes, it is!

  1. “Is it too much of my tongue in his mouth? Should I withdraw it?”
  2. “Was that accidental teeth encounter?”

It could be teeth on teeth or tongue on teeth.

  1. “Can he feel my breath?”

Your breath will be heavy and hot and you will be struggling for oxygen.


  1. “Can they smell my breath? Does my mouth taste like the food I just had?”

You would have sure have had dinner or lunch or anything.

  1. “What should I do with my hands?”

What should I do? Place it on his neck? Hold his arms? Run over his body? What?

  1. “So much of sweat! Am I sweatier or is he?”

Nerves at its best

  1. “Is it too long?”

If you are in public, you are sure going to worry about the length of your kiss.

  1. When you are alone “I am getting late for my classes?”

Though time should not get in these moments, but you might have a meeting, appointment or class and you might have the urge to check the time on your phone.


  1. “If someone walks in, then?”


  1. “What was that sound? Who made it? Was it me or them? Is it funny?”

Too much of saliva can make you stumble for the first time. Have a laugh and move on.

  1. “Do they like me the way I like them?”

Is he more into kissing than me? Can it notice that I am really into kissing them?”

  1. “What are his expressions?”

What kind of expression is this?

20. “How does my face look?”


21. “Should I open my eyes and take a peek?”

22. “No, what if he too opens his eyes and we make eye contact while kissing?”

That would be odd and nervous.

23. “Can we please take a break? My mouth is tired!”

24. When you take a break “What am I supposed to say now?”

How do I be sexy without coming on too strong? What’s the right thing to say after you kiss someone for the first time? Like, ever? Ugh!

25. “Ok, when can we kiss again?”

Can I kiss him again now? Is it too much to ask for?  


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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