I Want A Guy Who Will Do These 11 Things With Me!

By- Shreya Sharma

Do not find faults in you for being single. You are not picky or hard to love or emotionally unavailable that you are still single. It is just that you have not found the right guy to commit to. You are not just looking for the date; you are looking for someone with whom you can build your life. This is why you are cautious about the guy you get involved with. Do not settle down until you find someone who does these little cute things for you. Here are 11 things I want a guy to do with me.

  1. He confides in me

Our conversations should be deep and he should be comfortable enough to share things with me. He should be comfortable sharing his ambitions, goals, and fears with me. He should trust me enough that he is comfortable in sharing things with me.


  1. He makes me meet the people he loves

He should introduce me to his friends and family which shows that he is serious about our relationship. He should not hide my identity and should introduce me as his girlfriend. People who are close to him must know about me and how important I am to him.

  1. He expresses his feelings

He should be open about his feelings with me. He should tell me exactly how he feels instead making me guess. He should not make me wait for his texts or should not show interest in another girl to make me feel jealous. He should be genuine if he wants to be with me.

  1. He can show his emotions

I do not mind if my guy is emotional. It does not mean that he should be a cry baby all time; it means that he should be someone who can be vulnerable in my presence. He can put his emotions out without a fear of looking weak. For me, a vulnerable guy is strong enough because he can show how much he cares.


  1. He should know me first

He should take the time to know personal things about me like my passion, where I want to live, my goals and ambitions. He should know my characteristics.

  1. He should talk about our relationship

If he is constantly on social media, his Instagram and Facebook should have pictures of us together. There should be Snapchat stories about us. When a guy advertises our relationship, it shows that he is happy and proud to be with us.

  1. A little of PDA

It does not mean that he should grope me in public, but he should be comfortable enough to hold my hand or touch me in public. He should be comfortable holding my hand, giving a quick peck or touching my back. He should be close to me physically and emotionally.


  1. He should discuss his future

I want the guy to plan his future with me. He should not be afraid to let me know about his future plans. He should include me in his life because he wants to be with me. Planning for future with me should make him feel excited rather than nervous.

  1. He can be himself with me

He should act with me the same way he acts with everyone else. He should not pretend to be someone else in front of me. He should stay the same person at all times. He must have a constant personality.

  1. He should allow me to be myself

I can be myself with someone once I trust that person completely. He should make me feel comfortable and loved so that I can shed all the walls and show him who I really am.

  1. He should tell me that he loves me

A guy who tells you he loves you is rare. Sometimes, guys are too shy or nervous to say those three words. They don’t want to come off as “too invested” in the relationship. If he can say he loves me, without knowing if I reciprocate his feelings, he’s a keeper.


Source –  Tumblr

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