30 Thoughts You Have When He Sees You *Naked* The First Time!

By- Shreya Sharma

Being naked with someone for the first time is the nerve-wrecking experience. No matter how sexually active you are, how many sexual partners you had or how confident you are with your body, the first time with someone is sure going to raise your heartbeat and pump up some crazy thoughts. When the guy is undoing his jeans, here are 30 thoughts that cross your mind when he sees you naked for the first time.

1. Is this actually happening?


2. Okay! His hand is on my side fat, he is feeling it.

3. Now, my back fat! What will he be thinking?

4. He might find it gross.

5. But he can see my body shape when I am in clothes, he will not find it gross.


6. He is hot, does he has any insecurities too?

7. Shut up mind; please let me enjoy the moment.

8. Why is he looking at me in that manner? Am I supposed to catch some clue from it?

9. How am I looking right now?

10. Oh, he looks so amazing!


11. He has this, and I have this!

12. I am glad I had shaved/waved my vagina. Now it looks awesome.

13. Does he like my vagina?

14. He should, I am smooth enough.

15. I wish I was wearing matching lingerie!


16. Are my nipples weird?

17. I hope he does not think so!

18. I feel so sweaty right now.

19. Is this sweat because of stress?

20. I should better close my eyes and enjoy the moment.


21. It is all so hot!

22. I am good in bed. I hope so!

23. I hope I smell nice.

24. Was it his plan to get me naked tonight?

25. He just stroked my vagina! It feels so good. I hope he liked it too.


26. Has he ever seen a body like mine?

27. Has he ever seen such marks and cellulite?

28. I know my body is not perfect. But I love it.

29. Does he love my body?

30. I do not care; I need to enjoy the moment.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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