15 Ways You Can Stop Your Lipstick From Bleeding!

By- Shreya Sharma

We all have been through that 5 to 10 minute struggle of applying the perfect shape lipstick on our lips. We know how we just struggle to get it right. It is hard to get the shade right, the shape right and sometimes it gets on our teeth. And then there is the struggle of ‘Lipstick Bleeding’, when the lipstick leaks over the corner of your mouth. And this is something we just do not want. So, here are 15 ways you can stop your lipstick from bleeding.

  1. Use primer

This provides a smooth canvas for your lipstick to easily apply on, and also provides enough stick so that your lipstick does not bleed from the corners of your mouth.

primer on lips

  1. Hydrate your lips

If you have dry and cracked lips, primer will not be of any help. Drink lots of water and apply lip balm every now and then to keep your lips smooth.

  1. Clean your lips

If you have dead skin or nay left over product on your lips, this will make your lipstick look bad. So, before doing a new coat, make sure you remove any makeup you have on your lips. Exfoliate your lips before you put your lipstick.

  1. The kind of lipstick

If your lipstick is super waxy or wet-feeling, then it will bleed more than other lipsticks.

red lipstick

  1. Use lip liner

Before putting on your lipstick, fill your entire lip with the lip liner in same shade. You can buy the set that comes with both liner and lipstick in the same color.

  1. Put your lip liner in wide ombre style

Rather than tracing the edges of your lips, put your lip liner in a wide ombre style and it will give you a cleaner look.

  1. Use a lip liner without lipstick

Lip liner looks good on its own too, so you can avoid using lipstick over that. You can wear the lip liner for plain color that will not bleed in the corners or get on your teeth.

lip liner

  1. Lip lock pencil

If you do not want to use lip liner, you can use lip lock pencil. Apply it the way you would use lip liner to lock the lipstick, but you just cannot see the lip lock pencil traces.

  1. A lip stain

It does not give the same effect as lipstick- it is lighter and more transparent in look. It stays exactly where you apply it without bleeding over.

  1. Foundation on lips

Put foundation on your lips, then line the lips, and then put the lipstick on to prevent the lipstick from bleeding. This helps the lipstick stay in place and helps the color look more vibrant.

foundation on lips

  1. Put it on a brush

If you have lipstick brush, try to put on the lipstick with the brush. This way you will apply lipstick more precisely and prevents bleeding as you are not applying as much lipstick as you might apply directly from the tube.

  1. Blot

After you apply the first coat of your lipstick, press your lips together on a tissue paper- this will soak up any excess oil or product that might cause your lipstick to bleed.

  1. Apply translucent powder

After you are done with blotting on your lips, apply translucent powder over your lips using your finger or you can use a brush over the tissue you placed on your lips. This prevents your lipstick from slipping.

translucent powder

  1. Another coat

After you blot and put translucent powder on your lips, do another coat and this will make your lipstick look fresh.

  1. Use lipstick sealant

Use a lipstick sealant–this will help lock in the color for hours.

Source –  GiphyTumblr

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