10 Things All Guys Love To Hear In Bed!

By- Shreya Sharma

When in bed, just like the way you wish to hear that you satisfy him and are the best for him, same way he wishes to know if he satisfies you. They want to know if you are thinking about them or some other guy in your love making session. You man loves to hear your moans and groans from the satisfaction he is giving you. He wishes to know the things that satisfy you and all that you want him to do to you in bed. There is much more that guys love to hear in bed. Here are 10 things all guys love to hear in bed.

  1. Saying his name

Shouting his name when you are filled with pleasure and your eyes closed means that you are thinking about him only. Shout his name to let him know that it is only him who can satisfy you.


  1. Big, oh so big

This is the best compliment you can ever give your man. Tell your man that his manhood is so big for you to contain it. This will be the best thing you can tell him and it will ensure you the best night ever.

  1. Describe the action

Describing what he is doing to you can turn him on. He secretly enjoys this act of yours. Compliment him on his moves and how they are turning you on will turn into the best sex ever.

  1. Moan

Staying silent during the love making session is an absolute mood killer. Moan as loud as you can and this will change his tempo. Moaning to your loudest will ensure him that he is doing the right job and knows how to hit your right spot.


  1. Say he is the best

Comparing your man with others and giving him tag of “the best” in bed is the best things that could ever happen to him. IF you do not wish to let your man know about your past then do not use this.

  1. Talk dirty

It is a fantasy of man to have their girl dirty talk with them. Tie him and tell him all that you are going to do to him and then just do all that you wish to do. He will love you for this.

  1. Encourage him

While making love with your man, encourage him to do all the things you like him doing to you. Say it to him if you like him nibbling your earlobes or nipping your neck or anything. He will love it and do it for your pleasure.

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  1. Work on fantasies

Tell your man about your sexual fantasies and he will be eager to fulfill them. While making love, tell him your sexual fantasies and he will go that extra mile to please you.

  1. Get creative

Get creative in bed and use vocal encouragements to cheer him up in bed, this will make him happy. Find out what he will love to hear and say it out loud in the bed while making love.

  1. Use dirty phrases

If you are confused as to what to say to him in bed during your between the sheets session, use some dirty phrases to him. Phrases like ‘get down on me you dirty boy’ or ‘You do it like no other’ are some phrases that will turn him on more.

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